You Must Know THIS Before Starting a Digital Marketing Campaign

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   I’m also one of the partners at frothy beard Brewing Company and zombie bob’s pizza we’re probably the only marketing agency in the world that actually has a brewery inside of the marketing agency super fun environment push is about 47 people we are actually a few different companies than one we started as a political campaign company we do .


   US senators governor’s congressmen super P.

   ACs you know National Republican Congressional Committee we are on the right leaning Republican side but we do campaigns across the country from there we sort of do an issue advocacy work which is still political work but typically do an issue work at either you know the local level City Council County Council state houses even Congress in the white house Michael R in tears over here heads up our advocacy and our brands department he’s actually here today and .

   I left wouldn’t we start answering questions .

   I actually let Michael just jump in if he’s got any you know smart things to say you know so like we ran the big roads campaign this year in South Carolina that got us all you know those hundreds of millions of dollars for roads that’s a kind of project that would fall under the advocacy category through advocacy and campaigns we sort of make meeting a lot of corporate folks so we opened up push brands we did all the work for SeaWorld for the last five years Kmart Sears we do Home Shopping Network we do QVC we do a lot of corporations around the country and then strategic communications is our only.

   Non digital side that’s our PR and grassroots agency and then push creative is basically our big creative agency that just does a bunch of one-off projects and then awesome.


   Network is a series of media companies that we launched for clients around the country right so push is all these things in one – like what one two three four five six.

   Now six companies all under one big umbrella besides that .

   I .

   I’m married 14 years got two kids two boys a four-year-old and a two-year-old and live out in Summerville South Carolina so all .

   I do is work and hang out with family and drink beer that’s me in a.

   Nutshell all right so .

   I’m gonna go like total 30,000 foot view when it comes to marketing and digital to kind of explain where my head’s at how this company operates because .

   I find that if you don’t know these three things then like you’re already screwing up and you have to start in this place to get anything right in 2018 right so .

   I could sit here and talk to you literally probably for 36 hours just on .

   Instagram strategy another 36 hours on Facebook strategy but like all your facebook .

   Instagram Twitter Linkedin email all that doesn’t matter unless you understand like the really big three things which .

   I believe are the most important word you.

   Need to understand and 2018 marketing which are disruption attention and individuality cool so if you leave with anything today know what these three words mean and how that applies to what you’re doing on digital and overall marketing .

   I’m also going to say this before we dive into deep we are a digital first agency but .

   I am N.

   OT a person who believes that digital is the end-all be-all of everything right like there will be a lot of digital gurus and digital rockstars and.

   Ninjas or whatever the they call themselves today right those guys were all over the place telling you that TVs dead billboards dead direct mails dead and all this crap .

   I believe there’s a place for everything right .

   I believe in an appropriate media mix .

   I just believe that digital is the way to go right.

   Now because of these three words which we’re going to dive into right so .


   Never gonna be that guy that says don’t do TV or don’t do direct mail it’s all about these three words and where those each and where that medium makes fits in in each campaign that makes sense right all right cool all right we’re going to dive into disruption first some of the stuff you already know .

   I really just want to like explain to you what’s happening in the world right.

   Now right let’s go through some industries that have been completely disrupted by technology and digital okay taxi industry we all know that right everybody’s using uber right using lyft .

   Airbnb right is completely disrupted the hotel industry you see a big fight down here in Charleston right.

   Now because every body in the hotel industry in the tourism industries getting pissed to right because people down there able to rent their home so people are running less hotel rooms right big fight here in Charleston it’s actually a fight that we’re fighting in a.

   Number of different cities Blockbuster Video right.

   Now this originally started because of Netflix mailing DVDs.

   Now everything is just on-demand just one blockbuster left in the entire .


   United States and it’s in .

   Alaska where they have.

   No Wi-Fi Hollywood obviously the entire movie industry has changed right you guys know that .

   I mean everybody’s just getting on-demand .

   I mean they’re even having massive problems with people leaking movies before they’re out the entire industry is freaking out right.

   Now trying to figure out how to deal with people.

   Not going to movie theaters anymore one company thought they finally figured out with movie password and they figured out they’re going bankrupt so.

   Nobody’s been able to really solve this problem so Hollywood is really in a lot of trouble the music industry .

   I put jay-z and beyonce because they just released their.

   Newest album together right where do they release it first they release it on jay-z’s streaming music system before they put out it anywhere else right so we know that the music industry is totally been disrupted elections right this is what .

   I do if you don’t think Donald Trump is President of the .


   United States right.

   Now because of the internet then you’ve lost your damn mind right we see what’s happening everyday as he’s sitting on the crapper like tweeting which is probably what’s happening with the guy right like we’re.

   Not Donald Trump fans here we can we’re recording this we can just bleep that out but like the guy is literally.

   Not just disrupting politics but disrupting the entire media industry through social media .

   I the reason .

   I am a partner and frothy beer Brewing Company is that we’ve got seven laws passed in the last five years that have completely blown up the beer industry right y’all seeing craft beer blow up why we got like 58 of them in the state.

   Now most a lot of them are right here in Charleston that’s because of some laws that .

   I got passed all of those laws were done because of internet because of internet grassroots we went up against .

   InBev and MillerCoors had eight team paid lobbyists at one point we had one that was on loan from us and we whip their ass just by flooding the Statehouse flooding House members flooding Senate offices with emails Facebook Twitter we have completely disrupted the way that the Statehouse works we have gotten them so pissed off they have called Michael and said please stop sending emails because you’re shutting down our system right we have completely upended the way the South Carolina Statehouse is working because of social media which is a really good thing because the whole idea of paid lobbyists and special interest we’re whipping their ass all through the use of social media and grassroots .

   I told you .

   I curse a lot .

   I’m sorry so the reason .

   I put all that in there which .

   I think a lot of you guys already know is that everybody in here and whenever you ask your question and .

   I’d like for you to say your.

   Name and where you work if you don’t mind every single industry in here is going to be disrupted these industries that you’ve seen that we’ve just gone over we’re massive global industries right you’re talking about them like mainstays like like we’re talking Goliath Giants right the movie industry the music industry.

   National politics state politics hotel and tourism the taxi industry right every single one of these things are being completely upended because of digital and if you don’t think that whatever industry you’re in red there is someone in Silicon Valley around this country trying to up in your industry with digital and technology to you guys get that it’s.

   Not just a marketing thing it’s a completely disruptive thing your industry whatever industry you were in at some point is going to be completely disrupted by social media and technology.

   No matter how offline or.

   Non-technical it is .

   I promise you that is going to happen because think about it right technology is changing this is the most important thing you guys really.

   Need to understand it’s.

   Not just changing these industries it’s changing who we are as human beings but it’s changing us it’s changing the way we act it’s changing the way we meet each other .

   I mean when .

   I was in college like .

   I actually had to put effort in to like hooking up with a girl all right like .

   I can’t believe how easy you Bellini was have it.

   Now .

   I mean you can hook up every.

   Night just by like swiping left or slide swiping right .

   I mean don’t take doesn’t take any effort at all for you guys to hook up but like seriously .

   I mean .


   Not joking .

   I mean .


   Not cracking crude jokes this is literally the way you people are like doing the most basic of things that creates human beings right like we’re all here because of hooking up right this is how the world works and it is.

   Now literally the most basic of human things it is.

   Now happening and it has been disrupted by technology that makes sense like whenever .

   I was in college like it was like .

   I don’t know why we were like frowned upon if we were using like dating sites we were making made fun of you’re using a dating site you got a dating profile like we made fun of those people that did that.

   Now .

   I mean think about that completely disrupted it’s.

   Not just changing the way we’re like meeting people and hooking up but it’s changing the way we are acting socially.

   Now .

   I think that this is one of the things that’s like the most understated because what’s happening on Facebook and Twitter and these social.

   Networks is we’re.

   Not just using them to talk to each other anymore we are literally living on them this is how we are living our lives we’re spending way too much time on here this is how we’re literally socializing and interacting with people sometimes.

   Not for the better because we get this keyboard courage and we just start typing away and yelling at each other especially in politics what we see here but it’s literally changing the way human beings are interacting with one another and then this is an article that popped up yesterday so .

   I threw it in there it’s.

   Not only changing the way we are hooking up changing the way that we are interacting with other people it’s changing the way we interact with ourselves right this is an article yesterday that said plastic surgeons say more patients are coming in with snapchat dysmorphia and what that is is people are coming in and saying .

   I want you to make me look the way .

   I look in my filter like .

   I want you to remove move all these moles .

   I want you to remove all these this this fat .

   I want you to remove all these wrinkles so technology is as of .

   I mean today also changing the way you look at yourself in the way you interact with yourself does that make sense everybody before .

   I go on to attention because when it comes to digital marketing which is what we’re here to talk about today everybody is looking at it like how can .

   I just get an ad to bring in more money to my business and unless you understand the most fundamental of things about digital marketing which is digital marketing is disrupting every industry it’s disrupting the way we interact with each other and it’s disrupting the way we interact with ourselves and it’s literally changing us as human beings if you don’t understand that most basic thing then you’re.

   Not going to understand anything about digital advertising or digital marketing TV ads billboards mail pieces signs they’re.

   Not disrupting industries they’re.

   Not changing like flipping the world upside down and they’re.

   Not changing the way you were acting as a human being.

   None of those things are changing the way like.

   No billboards gonna change the way you like meet your dude and have kids and like produce more humans it’s.

   Not gonna change the way you interact with your best friend but like that’s what digital and that’s what technology is what social media is doing to us as a race as like human beings so like.

   Now you were trying to layer advertising and marketing on top of that that makes sense to everybody did .

   I go like way too high in for you guys y’all just want to talk about like the best way to make a freakin Facebook click ad right you’re.

   Not going to understand the best way to make get a conversion on Facebook unless you understand that point cool all right remember raise your hand and just interrupt me all right.

   Next we’re gonna move on to attention all right so .

   I love this image that came up on the internet last week right like these guys are alive this is James Bond Beach .

   I didn’t even know that when .

   I first said somebody told me that on Facebook the other day it’s like one of the most beautiful beaches in the world right and it’s basically all these dudes if you see it back there it’s just like a bunch of dudes taking pictures of their girls so the girls can put them up on .

   Instagram right.

   Nobody we’re.

   Not living where we are right.

   Now .

   I’m reading a great book right.

   Now about meditation and mindfulness called like like wherever you are be there but basically it’s like live in the moment and and stop this kind of mess but what’s happening in our culture.

   Now is we’re.

   Not even living in the moment we’re.

   Not able to go on vacation enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the world because why because all of our attention is still even we’re on vacation it’s supposed to be relaxing and chillin it’s still right here all of our attention is right here .

   I don’t see any TVs there .

   I don’t see any billboards there are signs or mail pieces there right all the attention.

   No matter where you are in the world whether you’re driving down the road whether you’re sitting in a movie theater whether you’re having dinner with someone right all your attention is still right here that’s why this is the most powerful thing because of attention .

   I like this picture because this is how people watch TV even when you’re giving your attention to something else your attention is still here right so that’s like why Twitter is such a powerful platform and still staying around right.

   Now is because of you know people live tweeting reality TV shows and sports and what’s happening with the.


   Nobody watches commercials anymore as soon as a commercial comes on what what do you do you pick this up or you skip over the commercial but you’re sure as hell aren’t sitting through the commercial anymore unless it’s something well .

   I don’t even know a thing unless is maybe the Superbowl ads which is the only reason that property is so valuable those are the only ones you’re still watching right.

   Now right attention .

   I think some of us who are a little smarter .

   I don’t saying like .

   I’m a genius but like some of us who aren’t.

   Normal .



   Normal .

   I’m a very odd person okay .

   I’m much more philosophical .

   I think some of us kind of folks are gonna identify the problem and get a little freaked out about it and start wanting to course-correct but .

   I think the majority of human beings there’s.

   Not going to be any kind of course correction .

   I think it’s going to go even further .

   I think that’s why virtual reality is going to become such a big deal Brooke VR is.

   Not going to be huge.

   Next year or five years from.

   Now but 10 years from.

   Now that’s where how are you going to be watching TV is how you can be watching movies you’re.

   Not gonna even want to go out of your house like to go to SeaWorld and see a killer whale because you can just put on your VR and see it right there .

   I don’t think it’s gonna be a course correction at all .

   I think that’s going to go even deeper into a virtual world myself which is really scary and then but.

   Not for me .

   I’m gonna make money because .

   I’m gonna put ads in front of your virtual lies come on figure that out for everybody else anything else probably jumped in a little deeper okay.

   Next .

   I want to talk about individuality so what we really concentrate on here at push digital and the what you really.

   Need to understand is the best part of why digital is so amazing as a platform and so powerful for you because it is the perfect combination of what .

   I believe is math plus art okay that’s why we have this this quote on the wall from John Lasseter of Pixar the art challenges the technology the technology inspires the art right.

   Now fun story about three hours after the folks put this on our wall John Lasseter was kicked out of Pixar for sexual harassment so we should put hashtag me two on the wall but .

   I’d like to keep this up there despite what happened with John Lasseter a few weeks back because it is a really powerful quote the art challenges the technology the technology inspires the art which is what Pixar is based on that really describes social media because with social media it’s it’s.

   No longer about targeting a city right that’s what billboards do that’s what TV ads and radio ads do it’s.

   No longer about organ ‘large city it’s.

   No longer about targeting a specific demographic it’s even.

   No longer about targeting a household right it’s all about targeting a specific individual on their mobile device in real time okay math plus art the math is all the data and the targeting the art is the actual creative okay how is it happening all of these things from like 20 years ago are.

   Now right here right it’s all about time folks boom .

   I to the attention your tensions here because all your all these different devices are here this isn’t just a phone anymore.

   Nobody spent that much time on the phone unless you’re like a junior in high school right sitting up at and .

   I talking to a boy or girl for like.

   Nine hours on the phone.

   Not since then have you spent that much time on the phone right.

   Now this is your alarm clock it’s the first thing you see in the morning it’s your camera it’s your video camera it’s your calculator it’s your compass it’s your GPS it’s your mp3 device it’s a ton of storage and most importantly it’s a computer right so you’re living on this thing because all of these other devices that we used to use are.

   Now in your pocket right so what that means is we know everything about you as an individual like privacy is gone right because you’re spending so much time on this device even doing things you don’t know that you’re doing to tell this that you’re doing something like when you’re on Facebook and you’re browsing the internet that’s just like some common sense you know that’s being tracked that’s.

   Not the only thing being tracked every app you use like almost everything has a disclaimer on it every single .

   Apple app has a disclaimer on it and you’re you’re accepting it without reading it and you’re just feeding information back up to consumer companies that take your data so like all that scary you see on TV about like how you have.

   No privacy that’s all true get over it like privacy’s gone like i we’re in politics and you see all these like you know right-wing like friends folks that we have to deal with as a republican agency like i can’t believe they’re spying on me this is infringement of my rights.

   No you it’s.

   Not an infringement of your rights because you’re doing you’re the one giving them the information you’re freely saying here’s all this stuff about me like take it like we’re just giving them every single bit of information about our lives because why going back to we spend all of our time here all of our tensions here we’re living our lives here we’re interacting here we’re dating here we’re talking to our friends here we’re like.

   Not even having dinner with our spouses because we’re in our phone or playing with our kids because we’re in our phone in every single second that you’re in your phone you’re telling the phone something about you and that information is then being sold to different companies that take that data and then allow you to target ads right so .

   I’ll get that that is why that it like that is how that when you come here and you want to know like how to make your ads better that’s how you make your ads better that’s the conclusion math plus art all right .

   I’m gonna give you a really good example here .

   I’m a runner .

   I’m training for an .

   Ironman right.

   Now okay .

   I run a lot of marathons these are some ads that have been served up to me here in the last couple weeks okay how does this know that .

   I can run an eight-minute mile these used to say seven-minute miles but .

   I started running slow works .

   I’m training for an .

   Ironman so you got to run like a lot slower because you’re going for like 17 hours okay so .

   I used to get ads that said can you run a seven-minute mile then .

   I started getting ads .

   I said can .

   I run a eight-minute mile .

   I started running slower and then.

   Now .

   I’m running like 930 s so.

   Now .

   I’m getting ads that say can you run a.

   Nine minute mile .


   No longer seeing this ad .

   I’m seeing this ad all over my Facebook feed how the actual hell does this company health .

   IQ know that .

   I am.

   Now running a 9-minute mile instead of an eight-minute mile and this comes the same company how does it know that .

   I’m a marathon or ten times over like how does it know that right then it doesn’t know from my facebook or my searching that .

   I’m running a 9-minute mile right.

   Now it’s knowing it because .

   I use apps like Strava right are MyFitnessPal right .

   I literally log every single thing .

   I eat throughout the day .

   I way .

   I put my weight in this app every single day it knows literally what .

   I eat on a daily basis my weight how much .

   I run how much .

   I swim how much .

   I bike how much .

   I lift those apps know that right those apps are then selling that information to data companies and then these agencies that are smart like us get clients like health .

   IQ and start running ads based on that data math plus art the math is the data that these companies are getting from me the art is the smart advertising that says can you run a 9-minute mile like these ads stop me dead in my tracks these are the most disruptive ads .

   I’ve ever seen on my phone when they came across my phone .

   I stopped immediately and .

   I clicked on them that makes this everybody so you guys are out there just running like Generic ads that are like hurt in an accident call us like really generic or like.

   Need a car buy a car here right.

   Need your house built will build your house like right.

   Now it’s all about grabbing their attention through disruption by using all of that data that you’re given to the the cloud the Russians or whoever whoever the hell right it’s all about using that data so we did some things that we’ve been doing here at push there’s just some different spanish-speaking ads that we ran for Marco Rubio so .

   I was Marco Rubio’s chief digital strategist for president.

   Now we do all his .


   US Senate stuff but like down in Florida like.

   Not all Hispanics speaking Latinos are the same right it’s Florida some of them of her Mexico some of them are from Puerto Rico some of them more from Cuba right Cubans and Puerto Ricans use different slang they used they might both speak Spanish but some of their Spanish is a little different they use different imagery so we’re.

   Not just running ads to every Hispanic speaker in Florida we’re good we’re going down there and finding like 15 different segments of Latinos and latinas and running separate ads to them we’re doing the suffer Farm Bureau we know exactly who the farmers are like we’re able to target them specifically and then down in Florida we’re running some ads about harmful algae in a political campaign like like an issue that you would think wouldn’t really matter like algae who the hell cares about algae except for specific.

   Neighborhoods living exactly on around this lake we were able to know through their data exactly what they care about if they’re talking about algae and they live on this lake we’re able to go in there and micro-target them based on where they live who they are and what

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