Basic Principles, Mindset, and Mechanics of Digital Marketing with Jason Pantana – (Part 1 of 3)

scalable ways to grow our business and our income and we want to do it better faster and more seamlessly why so we can actually enjoy our lives take vacations and spend the quality time that we want with the people that we love how do we do all this without spending a fortune or running ourselves ragged that’s the big question and this show is dedicated to the answer okay so welcome back to the podcast super excited to have Jason Pantano with us again you all know Jason he leads marketing edge and got an overwhelming response and sort of demand for more so.

   Now we’re gonna jump into kind of a three part series we’re gonna go sort of marketing macro then we’re gonna go marketing let’s call it tactics and then we’re gonna go deep on just a whole bunch of questions that people are asking that they want insight on so so first of all Jason welcome back man pleasure okay yeah thanks for in here so so .

   I thought we’d do is you know maybe for the vast majority people you know could be around the world someplace and maybe getting to a marketing .

   Edge’s is maybe.

   Not in their immediate future but marketing is the difference it makes the difference right and and we see more mistakes than we see sort of let’s call it the right strategy so .

   I thought we’d start with is just a simple question like what is the what is the objective of marketing for someone starting.

   New or an experienced rock star that might be listening .

   I think that’s a great question so .

   I think you’re spot-on first and foremost like people people set up to do marketing like it’s a chore sometimes or .

   I see people who are like .

   I can’t wait to do this like it’s a shiny penny exactly but it boils down to like what’s the strategy what’s the objective what’s the goal yeah of my marketing and .

   I think that’s where people kind of screw it up based upon what .

   I’ve observed they screwed up because they just start doing stuff like throwing spaghetti against hoping it sticks without really having any context for what am .

   I trying to achieve here yeah and so we teach this at marketing edge pretty much out of the game we lay a whole foundation for what is marketing and it’s a simple question but like here’s the job of marketing it’s got it’s got a part a and a Part B the job of marketing the purpose the goal of marketing is a Brandin which by that we mean a context for who you are in your business what about who you’re for that kind of thing where you serve what you do really to elicit one thing .

   I want people to trust me that’s what .

   I want to go for bingo and then Part B so first it’s the job of marketing is you got to generate trust via branding and then B is generate leads yes so .

   I’ve seen.

   No mistakes a couple of ways one people just go like they’re just over reaching for leads sign up for this download this opt-in for this they want leads leads leads and what they hear every time these leads suck yeah they don’t they don’t even call me back and spring your cause that’s like because you don’t have permission you haven’t earned any trust with those guys right.

   Now so you’ve got to put it in the right order of events yes my objective with marketing is first .

   I got a built a context for my brand and in fact we actually teach this at marketing edge again there’s a principle in human psychology it’s called the mere-exposure effect say that again there’s a principle in human psychology called the mere-exposure effect we got as FMJ always go in there those very much .

   I thank you what does that mean what it basically it explains of why .

   I think why marketing works the way it works and what it says in essence is that people as consumers just as people in general they are more willing to buy from or hire from businesses with whom they are the most familiar and so there’s this key word that word familiar in other words like if .

   I don’t know you .


   Not gonna become a lead that makes sense .

   I mean you wouldn’t do it if you throw an offer like hey download this today and you’re in entered to win .

   I have.

   No context for you so just familiar equal trust that’s so .

   I think ever like there’s a tank .

   I’m familiar familiar familiar from it Seth Godin actually talked about this yeah they’re more familiar somebody becomes eventually that turns into trust that’s why .

   I like this is a sidebar but in Geographic farming for instance that’s why there’s.

   No such thing as a come listing me call a come with me call means somebody hit a boiling point of enough trust for you that you got the call yeah.

   Now why did that happen because you’ve been working for 12 months 18 months whatever building awareness and then it kind of spilled over the edges of here the lead literally fell into your lap there’s a reason why your database for most but okay .

   I want to go micro L is just for a second .

   I think that the vast majority people listening right.

   Now if .

   I said to them raise your hands if you get referrals from your database their hands are all going to go up and then .

   I say raise your hands if you know that it’s actually a subset of your database that’s really small that actually sent you referrals and.

   No one else does and everyone goes yeah so you’re talking like how do .

   I become familiar.

   Not just in a geographic farm is there.

   Netiquette like with every one of my .

   I mean it could be with an expired listing you could be at an open house right it could be you know on social right so so the whole point of marketing though is .

   I’ve got to create that context yeah people have to be if .

   I’m gonna make an offer for example in an ad yep and the offer says download this sign up for this create this search whatever whatever kind of business you’re writing .

   I mean we all it’s if it’s sales you.

   Need leads yeah whatever it is this is ubiquitous yep well .

   I’ve got to have a context where people have enough kind of trust currency familiarity currency that they’re willing to take that step forward with me so the job of marketing is really simple a branding that means trust and be lead generation which is the second mistake .

   I see which is where we’re different kinds of business owners they just put a whole bunch of marketing out there and then you know kind of it boils over the edge my database refers me .

   I get stuff for my farm like a come list me call but that tells me you’re living off of the interest you’re.

   Not really going deep to actually we’ve tossed around the whole metaphor of chumming the waters before.

   Nice and so it’s a .

   I don’t know if people fish or.

   Not but it’s a deep-sea fishing technique .

   I wouldn’t call myself a fisherman by any means but it’s a technique where what they do is they put a whole bunch of bait in the water and the intention is to draw up the fish.

   Nearby so they can cast lines and catch them yeah .


   Not insinuating that you should try to hunt for customers or anything along those lines but that’s the purpose of all your marketing first and foremost invite them into a conversation a story whatever all the branding and all the familiar you know the trust is the chumming yes right and most people are like .

   I just sent an email out why didn’t .

   I get a response a mailer why didn’t get response .

   I knocked on doors wide.

   Negative response .

   I was illa leads why did .

   I get a response lack of familiarity lack of familiarity and it’s and it’s also a level of .

   I haven’t gotten clear on what the objective is yeah what am .

   I ultimately trying to do and if .

   I want to move .

   I don’t know if .

   I want to hit the the blue ball into the corner pocket .

   I got to hit the white ball first into the blue ball to get it there’s there’s a sequence of steps yes to branding and then general that’s the job of marketing so so right.

   Now in this we’re going all macro server the person .

   Ansel is saying don’t think that we’re you know we’re leaving you hanging right we’re gonna go through each one of these but .

   I want to go macro first so macro .

   I get it the objective of marketing is great familiarity trust that’s your brand and it also.

   Needs to generate leads talk to me about what .

   I sort of sense in my thirty years is in marketing there’s a mindset for people there .

   I mean let’s forget the people that just go oh and just don’t like marketing and they’d like to forget that group like .


   Not gonna .


   Not even gonna talk those people because those people have just they’re.

   Not gonna do any business right like it’s just it’s totally .

   I’m referring to the other three camps the the di wires right the the shotgunners right who are just spray-and-pray on everything yeah and that seems to be their mindset right and they complain about it but they still do it and then there’s the outsourcers who just they just give it all away and .

   I’m sure there’s another camp which is like the people that just crush it and do it perfectly but we’re trying to help people right.

   Now so talk to me about maybe your interpretation of di wires the people that just shotgun and then ultimately the people that are outsourcing well so .

   I’d say this .

   I think we’re talking in all cases whenever they are the D.

   IY are is the shotgunners the outsourcers and all three of those cases we’re talking about business owners .

   I would contend yes so they’re in that same camp and when .

   I look at any business .

   I mean any business.

   Net flix to Lowe’s to Home Depot to there’s company down the street my business right any business sold us this table right yeah they have three main chunks of business three main departments of business they’ve got their operations they’ve got their marketing in their sales yeah and operations is like that’s what .

   I sign if .

   I’m a real estate agent that’s me being a real estate ages showing properties going through deals etc that’s operations it’s serving my custom launch managing the money closing the escrow .

   I think .

   I got my license to go yeah if .

   I but then the reality is .


   Not just in this case an agent .

   I am a business owner and as such .

   I then assume the responsibility for all the stuff that makes this thing go and that means marketing the job of marketing we just said is getting leads and then .

   I give those leads to a sales team like .

   I’m here with you we got a sales floor Marketing gives them leads sales follows up books appointments gets customers it’s a very basic yes the way it goes but when .

   I talk about the mindset of most business owners they’re busy that’s their mindset they’re hurried they want results they look at their operations as this is my job so for instance my job is to be an agent .


   Need us to be fast and easy and so either .

   I become a D.

   I wire and .

   I do a little bit and good that’s great oftentimes the challenge there is .


   Not really investing the forethought forethought into the strategy and what .

   I’m trying to achieve hurrying up and getting something done or they just love to do it and they spend all their time doing that and everything else falls apart yes yes so .

   I mean the mindset is very simple it’s an ownership of you know what this is a business .

   I’m running my business they’re gonna be parts of what .

   I do like my mother-in-law she owns a flower shop just for instance yes does she just make flowers all day long what do you think probably.

   Not probably.

   Not that’s right she’s really she’s about what she loved to do make flowers and flowers all day long but what she really would love to do is have a business that’s making a lot of flowers for sale for a lot of other happy customers which is what she’s done so they’ve got multiple office stop sites.

   Now they’ve got employees they’ve got payroll they’ve got marketing and customers and sales and all that stuff like her job is to run the business so the mindset with marketing is a simple recognition that says .

   I’m in business and because .

   I’m in business .

   I became responsible for the strategy of my marketing plan yes.

   Now like you said we’re gonna do this in stages so we’ll get into tactics that doesn’t mean .

   I’m the one pushing all the buttons and everything per se but .

   I believe it does mean that listen .

   I understand that if .

   I take the marketing out of my recipe of success then .

   I have.

   No pipeline of leads coming in and if .

   I have.

   No customers leads coming in then .

   I got.

   Nobody to call.

   No one to follow up with.

   No possible pipeline of any sort and .

   I’m going to be dry out of business before .

   I know it so the mindset is this is a major piece of it .


   Need the right strategy and the right attitude to invest the time to learn what .


   Need to learn the skills .


   Need to develop in order that .

   I can make this a viable plan for me does that make sense 100% is there a book or two that you would recommend when you think about getting clear on your marketing strategy your objectives and the two buckets and then ultimately their mindset so one of the best books .

   I think and it’s a super straightforward it’s very clear it’s very tactical and and .

   I sort of praise it because it has yeah your your gut that’s good to be out of spring it’s brand time yes this book doesn’t have a lot of fluff it’s just straight to the point which .

   I appreciate it it’s donald miller’s book yeah building a story brand yeah .

   I think it’s it’s written for business owners yeah so .

   I would recommend any business owner read it it’s generalized marketing it’s.

   Not specific to a particular industry but it’s applicable to all industries because all businesses are really the same thing yes if you really want to go stealing stuff sell stuff yeah build stuff sell stuff that’s all it is you don’t have to build the houses but you have to sell them that’s right it’s it’s the same so .

   I would recommend that book is a phenomenal book it’s really the one .

   I would start with if you want to go deeper into like the messaging of marketing and how to communicate in a way that’s effective it’s a classic it’s the classic book it was written .

   I think in the 80s it’s influenced the psychology of persuasion yes that’s a good one oh yeah just breaks down the six laws of compliance which is basically the six laws of influence how do .

   I have to communicate in my marketing in order to get people to take that.

   Next step forward yeah .

   I would say Brian Robert Jill Dini yes unbelievable book .

   I’m gonna throw a third one out then please the 21 irrefutable laws of marketing or branding branding yes yes any one irrefutable laws of brain .

   I was in a conversation with mark Davison from thousand watt consulting and we were chatting about a couple different companies that he’s working on .

   I’m like what’s your go-to reference but he’s like 21 and .

   I literally looked out on my shelf and Mike yes .

   I have that also and it’s all dog-eared and yes this isn’t straight marketing but also the referral engine is a great read oh yeah from said John Jantsch something like that it’s a great read he’s duct tape marketing guy but yeah he breaks down like what does it take to get someone to refer your business what’s involved in that and it is it’s an exercise of marketing because what’s a referral if.

   Nothing but .

   I trust this person yes yes it’s interesting thinking about reflecting on Tiffani Bova right who wrote the book growth .

   IQ spoke at the summit last year .

   I was watching the .

   Instagram story of her again this morning and she said growth is a thinking game growth is a thinking game and .

   I hope that is you’re listening this you that resonates because Jason is a Sperry strategic thinker so let’s go to the.

   Next one let’s talk about mechanics right again we’re talking macro marketing here we’re.

   Not going deep dive into specifics as a whole but sets up to comment it’s important that you always start with the right framework and that’s what we’re doing here so Tantra is about the mechanics like give us the framework of the mechanics of marketing all right so this is going back to probably the main framework we teach a marketing edge and .

   I’ll .

   I’ll move through it .

   I don’t want to rush it.

   Nor do .

   I want to take way too long on it because this is kind of theoretical but my thinking is like if you don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing yes and you’re better off to.

   Not do it at all so we’ll get to the tactics and all that stuff but we’ll fasten them into a bigger strategy so we teach a framework that we’ve adapted it for our audience but it’s really based upon the customer journey map which a lot of people watching or listening to this podcast have probably heard of or they’re gonna recognize it it has three main stages so for those that haven’t give just a little insight all right so the customer journey map basically explains and thank you for stopping me it basically explains all right everybody’s a buyer of some product or service or whatever and they move through different stages of intent in terms of their willingness to buy a particular service product whatever so where they out when .

   I get them because the moment .

   I can identify oh tom ferry he’s a lead meaning he’s got some measure of intent to buy from me my product or my services or whatever they are well you might be at a very different place than say Richard who’s right over there hi Richard he might be like .

   I got to do this.

   Now yeah so .

   I would treat you differently so we keep it’s basically a framework for where’s a lead where is that prospective customer at in their journey to buy are they low intent medium intent high intent and so does that kind of explain them alright so it’s another set three main stages top a funnel like picture a funnel yeah top of funnel with large sections right the world famous marketing funnel top of funnel says awareness meaning .

   I’m open to a possibility about buying from you yeah whatever it is hiring you whatever yes .


   Not committed .

   I don’t have to do it but .

   I’m open to the idea of it middle of funnel was called consideration it essentially says all right .

   I’m gonna do this it’s just a matter of when and what and where is what .

   I’m actively the kief idea is .

   I’m actively exploring my options should .

   I work with this agent or that agent should .

   I go here or there should .

   I buy this or that yeah choices yes and then bottom a funnel is .

   I’m in the decision mode so it means in my own mind .

   I ready to make the decision to do to move forward to transact to whatever and so we just talk about where’s my lead at when .

   I get them and quite simply without going into all the details because this takes honestly like this might sound boring to somebody watching or listening but it’s pretty darn illuminating when you laid over what y’all ready doing your marketing because we literally spell out if a lead comes from Facebook are they in the top middle or bottom a funnel like we spell it out extreme top extreme top low intent well how do .

   I know that well because just for instance Facebook if .

   I’m gonna run an ad on Facebook Facebook’s an audience based platform meaning if you’re marketing to me what you do quite effectively but you’re targeting me .

   I did.

   Not ask to see your ad per se there’s some criterion that’s put me in your list but you’re you’re basically saying hey Facebook everybody’s already on Facebook you’ve got all the eyeballs all the attention .

   I’m willing to pay you money to put my ad in front of Jason that’s what it is Jason didn’t ask to see it but it’s being put in front of Jason yeah is the idea and so the ads same thing as television same thing as radio right doesn’t yes yes so to top a funnel so that means .

   I’m gonna make an offer that’s pretty low intent .


   Not gonna ask super strong super direct like call me to list your house right.

   Now yeah that’s what .

   I keep seeing like that that is the underlying.

   Number one call to action of like for example real estate agents down every forum call me call me they’re.

   Not gonna call you though they’re.

   Not or .

   I even see like they for instance will say download this or do this smaller action but then it still says call me well.

   Now you’re diluting your call to action but the point is when you understand where the lead at is at like for example top of funnel awareness they could be two years out yeah two years we teach 18 to 24 months middle a funnel which includes like Google .

   Ads or open house leads people who sign in so for head up analysis vast majority of them say like boom town all the you know all the sounds of PPC lease from super look at yeah those are all middle of funnel which is 10 to 14 months out yeah .

   I was talking to an agent this week who was like .

   I get these leads from PPC leads which is pay per click on Google and she’s like and.

   None of them converted it and .

   I just finally a few were starting to close and .

   I was like let me guess it’s been between 10 to 14 months and she said well yeah and .

   I said well congratulations for the few with whom you axe stayed in contact because they’re converting.

   Now it’s a.

   Nurturing game so the deal is when you get leads the in between the marketing and sales team is how do i.

   Nurture these people to get into the.

   Next step bingo and if it’s a bottom of funnel lead it’s like three to six months middle of funnel it’s ten to fourteen top of funnel it’s eighteen to twenty four months as a rule of thumb but the challenge most agents run into is they get it’s like .

   I got a lead yay .

   I got a lead .

   I’m gonna smother .

   I mean .

   I’m either gonna.

   Not call them ever yes which is a smack in the face against what they’re out like they’re asking you to reach out and contact them and help them or like let’s say it’s you ran an ad on Facebook you’re an agent and the ad said hey you wonder what your home is worth find out for free fast whatever mine all right why.

   Not .

   I’m sure .

   I just looked at a picture of grandma and then a kitty cat but .

   I’ll find out yeah so .

   I click the ad and do it and then .

   I am bombarded with like literally every single day three points it’s like voicemail text message email and then in a week .

   I get that famous did .

   I do something wrong email and it’s like yeah you’re doing it.

   Now because you think .

   I’m gonna buy a house that fast .

   I was low intent what .


   Needed is somebody to meet me where .

   I am yeah hold my hand be the value-add be the guide so to speak be the person who’s like hey.

   No pressure this is your time frame but what you.


   Now most is a sounding board a resource that’s who .

   I am but Jason you’re taking like me you know why am i doing all this stuff .

   I want business.

   Now like that you know that’s what people are saying but let’s go back to the objective is create trust familiarity or generate leads and the top of the funnel is all about creating trust and familiarity and exactly you’ll.

   Never get leads if you don’t have trust and .

   I get it like .

   I’m describing what is a very cumbersome like oh my gosh they say building a business it’s a long term perspective growth as a thinking person thing on istagram the other day where he talked about this is hard yes and you’re right if it wasn’t hard mm-hm and this is so cliche but everybody would do it yes and the way .

   I figure like going back to mindset .

   I figure is you can either roll up your sleeves and accept it is what it is like right.

   Now if we could go back in a time machine 30 years from.

   Now and say hey by the way in 30 years as a business owner you’re going to get facebook pages you’re gonna get Facebook .

   Ads manager you’re gonna get Google you’re gonna get youtube and you’d be like this is amazing .

   I have a voice .

   I can actually get with customers and.

   Now flash forward to today and it’s a chore for most people and they’re like this is too much work for the end result but .

   I’m like well it’s scalable growth so .

   I’m gonna give you guys a.

   Number for everybody listening right.

   Now a friend of mine and .

   I yes .

   I’m an investor in this company and he’s become a dear friend Grier .

   Allen he’s the C.


   O of a company called boomtown we mentioned him earlier and there’s many companies that do you know commissions in conversion KB core yada yada yada right but you know .

   I love boomtown so he shares with me at his conference just .

   I’ll give you one stat agents with 10,000 or more leads that they are.

   Nurturing keyword they’re.

   Nurturing do an average of a hundred million dollars a year in volume so what you think about like like .

   I didn’t say to you ten thousand leaves that come in that they try and work aggressively right.

   Now in the moment .

   I’m going to buy and then give up on it and explain and then give up on or throw in some stupid you know email drip campaign right and .


   Not saying they’re all stupid but some are but you.

   Need to be thinking about okay this is my business right if .

   I had ten thousand people that .

   I’m becoming familiar with and they’re becoming familiar with me adding a thousand people better starting to trust me like we talked about at all time that they actually are referring you business and you’ve.

   Never transacted with them like ask yourself how many leads do you have in your database that you don’t really know right and they’ve.

   Never done business with you but they’re referring you like that’s the game today right for the people that are thinking long term perspective so back in the framework when top middle bottom of the funnel anything else to kind of close out that loop cuz cuz that’s a lot .

   I just want people to .

   I mean we could get into it a lot and and maybe we don’t go that deep on it.

   Now .

   I think the basic principle to walk away with this okay when .

   I get a lead one .

   I’ve got to be tactical and strategic about how am .

   I getting a lead .

   I got a great brand and Trust and all that first to get the lead and then B is when .

   I get the lead the gigs.

   Not up it just started at this point yes and so .


   Need to do an assessment of alright what’s this person’s measure of intent how do .

   I determine that how do .

   I determine that in text email you know a Bom Bom video something like how is there is there a alright there a tactic or two there’s two my framework there’s a framework we teach give it to us on scoring a lead um okay it’ll take me like three minutes is that .

   Alright two or three minutes we have it go alright so there are you could Google how to score on it .

   I just told them.


   No it’s giving you the chance give you the choice keep going .

   I don’t want to so many frameworks and theories right.

   Now .

   I want to yeah we’re gonna hey we got plenty of time for practice we’re trying to get people high level growth so thinking do .

   I know .

   I know action will follow .

   I promise action will follow okay so like you could Google how to score a lead and you’re gonna find like four page assessments yep that you’re.

   Never gonna use.

   Now let’s just be honest there are two variables that you look at to score lead and when .

   I score a lead .

   I mean what are they at top middle or bottom a funnel that’s what .

   I want to know because yeah the gig is like job of marketing is get a lead right that’s the .



   Name but then when .

   I get the lead what do .

   I do with this thing yes and my solution is throw emails at it throw text messages at it try to convert it convert to confer to convert it yeah and then they put a restraining order it gets because that’s.

   Not what they want depending upon where they are or worse they’re like a Zillo lead and their bottom of the funnel and then .

   I don’t bother to call them back and they’re like smack to the face mm-hmm .

   I want to go see this house today and so you’re out over pour out of the gate because you don’t know where they are so let’s look the purpose of doing this is to know where they are how do .

   I know where they are there are two main variables .

   I look at .

   I could tell you as a rule of thumb Facebook top of funnel Google middle of funnel Zillow fizzbuzz expireds bottom of funnel most referrals bottom a funnel the open houses could be bottom of funnel .

   I could just say it like that yeah but let me tell you why that is there are two main variables and it boils down to the proposal and the placement those are the two words we teach at marketing edge and there’s alliteration so they fit.

   Nicely together a proposal is.

   Nothing more than what’s the offer .

   I’m making what am i saying to you am i saying download this PDF am i saying create a custom home switch my website am i saying try this free sample is that what .

   I’m doing on am i what am .

   I asking LC open house hey .

   I have a pocket listing would you like to see it at five right .

   Alice’s yeah what am i yes see this house today whatever what’s my offer and is my offer my proposal super direct like think of a scale that slides either way is it direct meaning hey come see this house.

   Now like let me ask you just what’s more direct here as far as like real estate comes come see this house today or do a free home valuation on your own time for free estimate what’s more than erect that that’s way more direct but again it’s gonna be contact specific which one do .

   I want right but that’s way more direct but it’s.


   Necessarily what .

   I want is what’s more closely tied to the transaction so we look at the measure of how direct is this in terms of getting you getting you to take action on like buying the product and again we’re also some assuming lack of familiarity.

   Not enough trust right in this Riley sage game right right so you want to go really soft give them what they want provide value with like you don’t have to opt-in to my website you don’t have to give me your email address just here’s the information yeah .

   I’ve got to make you feel at home first yeah take your shoes off relax whatever so the first thing is how direct is my offer and when .

   I say direct you can attach it to if .

   I sell shoes then .

   I mean buy shoes yes direct yeah if .

   I sell shoes and .

   I mean indirect then .

   I mean something like come into our store today something that’s.

   Not gonna force you to ground yeah take a look around see if you like it yes does that make sense yeah so the second variable is we said the proposal and the placement in other words where was .

   I at as a consumer when this offer was made to me yeah was .

   I on Facebook was .

   I on Google why does that matter was that an open house well it matters precisely in the MLS and my listing just expired yeah each one of those going to be very different yeah so think about Google for instance versus Facebook that’s an easy point of comparison yes on Facebook how do .

   I get what makes me see the ad well you put it in front of me you decided to show me the ad hey what do you think of this that’s that’s the.

   Nature yeah but on Google how do .

   I see the ad .

   I typed in what .

   I’m looking for you tripped my keyword wire so you asked me to go see my ad which shows intent on your part Jim so the question becomes like the placement in other words where did .

   I see your offer your proposal was it and these are the words we use on the sliding scale this one slides two ways to was it a platform where .

   I was shown your ad involuntarily or voluntarily did .


   Not seek it out or did .

   I seek it out because .

   I can .

   I can sniff out your intent based upon how you sought out my ad yep .

   I know that’s kind of deep and heady.

   No it’s actually very simple right Stu Thanks what am i throwing it at you or you sir was it served up because it’s exactly what you’re looking for so let’s think about this in the context of Facebook we know Facebook is an involuntary platform meaning from an advertising standpoint you decide to show me an ad yep so what would be better suited because that and that’s a measure of lower intent yes so should .

   I make a direct or an indirect proposal what do you think super soft super indirect that’s right but then you’re like well Jason how do .

   I ever get a lead and that’s why .

   I have to watch the future episodes because we’ll talk about the purposes of warming up an audience and remarketing what a hook ladies and gentlemen what a hook .

   I do teach marketing yes this is good okay so let’s talk about just the knowing your audience right .

   I mean .

   I think it’s it’s so funny like we just came off for a couple days with Jay .

   Abraham and like early Jay or .

   I actually could think one of my speech coaches yes .

   I’ve hired speech coaches in the past if you saw me speak 30 years ago you would be horrified but my very first speech coach said rule.

   Number one is know your audience right know know your audience then he said Tom.

   No understand validate honor appreciate respect all the different variables inside the room but what are you thinking of when you say know your audience when it comes to marketing is it .

   I would put it like ideal customer so we’ve talked about this before there are really two questions .

   I think you can ask yourself as a business owner again.

   No matter what your business is that can help you identify like who’s my customer and the questions are .

   I didn’t make them up the first question is what’s the problem my customer has but doesn’t want mm-hmm the other question which is an inverted one of that is what’s the result my customer wants but doesn’t have any other day like who’s my audience well it boils down to what is the problem .

   I’m solving or the result .

   I’m creating that they want that’s what my audience is.

   Now let’s talk let’s talk real estate for example what’s the problem or the result that a real estate agent fulfills for a consumer and .

   I mean externally it’s they help them buy or sell a house right but let’s be frank about that you don’t.

   Need an agent to do that per se.

   Not really you could do for sale by owner make me move whatever yeah you could be the one who says .

   I’m the D.

   IY or when it comes to doing it myself so like that’s a dime-a-dozen type of a solution .

   I was reading a so .

   I have a coaching client and this is this is super specific she’s in Nashville she’s a rockstar agent hmm and she gets a lot of calls off of her Zillow reviews so .

   I looked at her Zillow profile .

   I’m like why does she get so many people who call her to want to work with her off of her Zillow reviews hmm what has she tapped into that other people haven’t tapped into so .

   I read her profile .

   I was actually looking at it this morning .

   I read her profile this morning and .

   I was like .

   I get it.

   Now out of the gate her biography it’s got five star reviews lots of reviews recent reviews great picture a great headshot all the bases right but then .

   I read her reviews and it says in all caps bigger is.

   Not always better and then it starts diving into what .

   I promise you is when you work with me .

   I will.

   Not hand you off to somebody else and you will work with me the whole time and .

   I will look out for your interest yadda yadda yadda what did she just appeal to .

   Oh first of all the first-time buyer the hand-holder the person that you know like so yes .

   I got that .

   I think everybody’s because every team.

   Now is going what do .

   I do well but that’s the 180 principle yeah they’re doing their thing because they could make it have a similar script but says hey listen if your agent became and capacitator unavailable to help we have a whole team think of a basketball team we all play all teams whatever plenty of scripts .

   I mean it’s all framing from that standpoint from the team standpoint but my point is she found a way to accentuate what she’s doing as a value proposition and and and what it really did .

   I led with it yeah she led with it but it really it showcases her understanding of who her audience is right yeah she knows what their what their real problem is the problem is.

   Not that they.

   Need to buy a house they can do that themselves yeah the problem is they want to work with the trusted expert who’s.

   Not gonna leave them high and dry at the moment that yes most important mm-hmm that sort of explain that .

   I think every listener got that yeah give us another example okay knowing my audience another example .

   I think like Carolyn Young with expireds .

   I think of you know there’s some end that we have you know .

   I just had with Becky barrack up and up in Washington who’s she’s a good price point .

   I mean there’s there’s so many magnificent people and .

   I’m just thinking of like you know .

   I’ll talk about my critic go all right so my critic and by the way .

   I’m gonna give her a shout out can .

   I shout out the agent .

   I was .

   I was .

   I was yeah .

   I was hoping you would if we’re gonna want to go to her page and go .

   I’m stealing that yeah well you can give her referrals if you do Jennifer turbo field rockstar agent in Nashville really really great Nashville Brentwood Franklin alright so Mike Rennick he’s in Florida Mike so Mike does an incredible job generating leads on Facebook in fact he’s got about 20,000 leads he’s generated on Facebook in the past couple of years and they’re all super high top of funnel and he is so unbelievable at.

   Nurturing between reaching out via phone reaching out through emails through value ads and if you .

   I’m on his drip so .

   I’ve gotten a voicemail before and the voicemail is like hey it’s Mike just reaching out to see how you’re doing today hey listen you don’t have to call me back if you don’t want to out of the gate he said but .

   I just want to check in and see .

   I want to make sure you’re getting the search we set up for you and if you.

   Need any tweaks whatever have questions just give me a shout again if you don’t.

   Need to call back don’t call back but if you do .

   I’m totally here for you and he just kind of peppers those out but two years yeah and his phone rings about once a.

   Night and it’s like hey Mike we’re coming in town.

   Next week we’d love to look at some properties yada yada yada it’s a second home market that kind of a thing yeah why because they trust him yes we.

   Note that.

   No pressure is.

   No pressure they’re gonna buy when they buy the challenge the problem you solve is.

   Not getting them to buy or getting them to sell yeah they’re gonna do that yeah it’s will they do it with you yeah what’s the problem you saw that they can’t do so like Mike he knows his audience because he knows they’re gonna buy when they buy yeah and all he has to do is be a knowledge broker is and so what he does is increase four videos a week and then they’re part of his custom audience remarketing on Facebook which we get into they’re getting the emails they’re doing all that kind of distribution but this is why we start with the strategy first what’s he saying he’s saying.

   No pressure from me yeah .

   I’m here to serve you you might want to know about this you might want to know about this that by the time they reach they’ve mature through that funnel they’re just like hey Mike we’re ready .

   I mean that’s the conversion is seamless you talked about skills of conversion yes the best way to convert leads is to get them early and then mature them slowly slowly slowly until they just love you yes and there’s this mutual respect and rapport and they just of course we’re gonna work with you who else would we work with yes .

   I’m very familiar the concept thousands of videos on YouTube you’re like .

   I just feel like .

   I know him right and thank you everybody that’s on that right it’s like that’s why we do it thank you for trading it’s creating familiarity creating trust providing value.

   No ask just we’re here when you’re ready that’s right .

   I’m gonna go different direction with you yeah so we talked so much about positioning right positioning and strategy as as sort of the framework the beginning of any good marketing campaign or any good business technically one of the the seven positioning strategies is certainly to go after a.

   Niche right so you’ve got Geographic farming you’ve got social farming you’ve got first-time homebuyers you’ve got .

   I specialize in duplexes .

   I specialize in you know mid-century modern in this part of town .

   I specialize in fix and flips there’s there’s an.


   Notice of defaults right you just go right on down that.

   Non-owner occupied it’s right over and over and over and over and over to each one of those then require the same sort of thoughtfulness and and thought through on both the framework of top of the final middle of the final bottom of the funnel as well as who is that sort of ideal customer and how do .

   I treat them do .


   Need to ask both those questions .

   I suppose that that could be the case okay but .

   I don’t think it has to be the case and so like the person who came to mind can .

   I give you another study sure please .

   Eric .

   Eickhoff he’s in Minneapolis just crushing it right.

   Now runs a brokerage and a team it’s like 30 he’s just crushing it right.

   Now good job .

   Aaron yeah he is he has a really strong attraction marketing attraction play for investors or wannabe would be a Nestor’s beautiful.

   Now that’s.

   Not all they do they work with investors they work with traditional resale whatever they do Robert operators of this conversation yesterday yeah yeah so .

   I do .

   I do all that yeah but one of their main kind of like Chum branding sort of plays that they do is they do an event every week in their office.

   Now they rent a space in a we work shared workspace so they do an event every week and it’s promoted through Facebook and so they will create a Facebook event for the for the whatever it is like so for example they got a guy to come in who’s like how to own 400 properties under 40 years old yeah so they had that kind of a headline yeah and then they just boost it to the whole area they do so they get the event on Facebook they boost it to everybody and then to get tickets they’re free tickets but to get a ticket you go to event page yeah yep you go to .

   Eventbrite and then you your registration register sheet yeah here’s my.


   Number email .

   Eventbrite literally it goes on the wallet of your phone so like you just get scanned when you get there yeah he’s like four hundred tickets on that event and his show rate was like 80% Wow like they had to shut it off it was it was.

   Nuts and they’re doing it once a week they’ve had people from like bigger pockets coming in so he’s really here’s my point he’s taken the.

   Niche of we look at real estate as wealth building mm-hmm.

   Now that does.

   Not exclude you if you’re like hey we own our first house we want to be on this yes .

   I’ll use you for resale .

   I’ll use you to help me invest whatever but you’re my guide yeah you’re the person who’s gonna teach me what .

   I cuz .

   I want real estate to be wealth for me and so he’s taken that as sort of his foundation from a marketing standpoint and it does.

   Not require him to create unique funnels like he’s got his whole business funnel and this is just one aspect of .

   I mean really we talked about this last time we were doing when he’s podcast we talked about four types of videos which the.

   Names are pretty synonymous but it’s community expertise branding and listing videos well say that again yeah and we talked about these last time .

   I think .

   I tweaked the words a little bit but it’s community videos expertise videos which is like a pro tip yeah piece of advice mark it up three mistakes to avoid wins yeah ways to buy a house yeah and then listings videos of my listings for real estate specific and then the last one is branding which could be like a testimonial piece or it could be a why me a value prop and explainer video those sorts of things but when .

   I look at the expertise videos in which you’ve been saying for a long time just create a show once a week like tom tool does this tom tool is unlike episode 112 of Tom’s take or whatever he calls it it’s like three minutes of Tom giving a perspective on what if the latest.

   News is that’s how he’s adding value that’s how he’s demonstrating his knowledge and expertise which what will someone start to feel toward you when they keep getting exposed again and again and again to your knowledge and expertise and the word is .

   I trust that person .

   I trust that professional so .

   Eric’s doing the same thing but his doing it with events yes so it’s every week it’s.

   Not a video per se but the video is used to market the event but it’s all the event whatever it’s just the recurring knowledge broker .

   I’m gonna give give give give .

   Eric chooses to give through a specific field of knowledge what just wealth-building to real estate my .

   I guess this is long-winded but my point is.

   No .

   I don’t think you have to reinvent this the funnel for every little series you do .

   I think you look at your business overall and say what’s my objective what’s going to be my main flagship kind of content that .

   I’m going to use the portray my expertise and build trust and then you roll that’s my thinking .

   I just wanted to get another case study out of you oh all right so so we’ve gone we’ve gone for a little bit here we were talking macro right objective of marketing sort of mindset the mechanics understanding your audience in your avatar and .

   I think that gives us a really good framework so so let’s call it quits on this show so we’ve covered so much today so .

   I want to just thank everybody for listening the.

   Next podcast is really gonna be about social and then from social we’re gonna jump into a whole bunch of Q.

   A and tactics so so stay with us on this journey right remember growth is a thinking game .

   I keep stealing that from Tiffany’s but when it’s so good right and in Jason thank you so much for taking the time to share all this stuff this was super valuable this is probably gonna be something they’re gonna want to listen to three four or five times to really understand you got to start with the right framework you got to start with the right mindset understand the objective of marketing before you just send out another postcard shoot an email and/or do a video and say that doesn’t work right your strategy didn’t work right that was the big issue so all right we look forward to talking on the.

   Next podcast where we go heavy on social if you want more information about this episode including my show.

   Notes mentions links and everything else make sure you visit Tom Perry comm slash podcast that’s Tom Perry comm slash podcast

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