The Pilot Episode 0 Part 1

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   Applause] [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music] jen start the cheers for us okay guys to our first stream for generic podcast.

   Name super excited to be doing this with you guys hope it goes well and uh to lifelong friendships and success absolutely cheers thank you for this you think i’m.

   Not doing a shock dash is still making his drink yeah because i told him halfway and i was kidding oh what was that face for what just happened you filled his cup up halfway with vodka when i said that but i was kidding oh yeah you don’t fill it up halfway dash don’t listen to eat mine just because she says to doesn’t mean it’s correct you told me to all right oh my goodness i can’t this is this is why we have issues is it my mom okay i’m on my screen screen oh my god yeah i’m.

   Not just chatting as well i.

   Need it oh my god somebody should probably take a screenshot and then we can post this picture later should we all be like holding our drinks i don’t know how to take a screenshot i’ll just i’ll just get i’ll just get this screenshot when uh i’m already halfway done with mine okay oh my gosh green what does that even mean yes that’s what it means very different things oh you.

   Needed to change your.

   Name you’re still a lizard queen oh that’s right uh i changed everyone but you oh i changed myself oh my gosh look at us we’re all so cute oh invented says he got the screenshot for us hello i’ll thank you for all right oh the little gpn logo looks good in my bottom screen you guys look how cute it is i forgot to do that that’s a good manager i.

   Need to do that all right so everybody that’s in the stream this will be posted to youtube so if you missed some of it that doesn’t matter because we made a youtube channel or hello youtube this week we have a youtube channel we have a youtube channel we have a website we have a twitter we have an instagram excuse me the moment i said we got a youtube i was like [ __ ] and then and then at some point we’ll have a tick tock time i totally forgot about that [ __ ] i was like we have a website we do all right i’m live let’s get it you made it and you forgot i think i forgot i did forget it i literally forgot to be honest because i haven’t been on it in the past couple days i.

   Need like the other stuff to i.

   Need more pictures to upload to the site i i.

   Need a ton of [ __ ] to make the website more full and then this week this weekend’s gonna be is going to be me studying how to make the website look really professional give me a second i.

   Need to lurk in all of your chats yeah that’s what i just did.

   Nice oh there’s dash adding his whipped cream oh wait can i go get some more whipped cream to put on top of this sure you can have the whipped cream at your door maybe um [Laughter] emergency sandwich yeah wait keller stop playing rainbow please change it go to just chat you better.

   Not be playing video games while we’re doing this [ __ ] yeah we’ll fight you can’t play one game of rainbow while we’re talking.


   No one day a week hello my.

   Name is dash i’m gonna get this podcast started.

   No okay okay okay all right so um i don’t know when all of you guys started streaming but i started streaming last year in february because of me and my friend were watching ludwig and then we started our own twitch which is um beautiful production which uh i don’t i don’t know what bulldoze so on a hoe sorry i don’t know how to i don’t know where to type in chat here so we just bought so we just bolting holes.

   Now all right i like it you had like a text box you can’t say that when i when i take a sip i shouted it out in my stream that was my first ever youtube and you can find clips of it as well i’ve seen clips you find clips of me very young and that’s how i really started because then we were away from each other because i went to college and then i was like well i want to keep going i want to keep going so i started to stream more and probably one of my one of my first followers was boo.

   Now this is where it all comes together.

   Now because boo hey quantum thanks for joining us appreciated jen introduced me to zesty and ginger and zesty and ginger and jen and yeah zesty ginger and jen um introduced me to all of you guys so that’s about it i mean i don’t know like that’s how it started i told you mine was going to be really short there’s.

   Not really thanks for being here i just to be honest i think half of us i know me and you met off a mixer and where it was like hey.

   Nana what’s up well it was just the fact that i met geek trying to sober up at work trying to find people that was playing rainbow six siege and her and basically you know what i met yeet at work trying to sober up engine and this is when i this is when i didn’t realize that pizza and jim were dean i was buying gin all these skins for her rainbow six siege character hey title freedom on console virginia muted yeah i know i was saying hi to people that are coming in and saying yeah jen’s muted.

   Not anymore you’re muted you you are in fact muted just keep going but you look like a you look like an air pilot jen but the funny but the funny thing about is that everybody that i met from lawful like twitch met me off a mixer and they met me when i was in like my early mixer drunk drunk stage i was drunk streaming like crazy if junebug something oh you must be talking to this family thanks so basically i met everybody drunk and [ __ ] off a mixer yeet voorhees gin slater oh my god slater that’s my homie either or he’s this morning’s is an old.

   Name to me anyway because i’ve met on two different occasions it’s funny because we were both like you.

   Need to check out this streamer at the same time and i was like i already know him both of us it was so funny we both found him individually and then we’re like hey you.

   Need to check him out but we had already like.

   No i hadn’t really like talked to him and like knew who he was it was funny i would do like drink streams or mixer at like until like two o’clock in the morning doing shots and my thing for mixer was every time somebody would follow i was screaming to the top of the top of the.

   Note tap on my lungs your.

   Number you’re [ __ ] 41 good job yo blah blah blah let’s do a shot [ __ ] that’s ridiculous he was crazy back then like you were back stream to have a drunk stream it was worse back then.

   No it was hard you know like it was like heart garbage like oh i would get like a fifth of uh get like a regular bottle e and j oh.

   No evil juice yo drink it drink it under the label too i don’t know what that means but it doesn’t sound good it’s poor me it’s great yeah yeah it’s evil juice like about like the cheapest bottle of ej is like eight dollars and i would get like the biggest bottle which cost you like fifteen dollars drink it under the label i put my life in dinner so many days just because i’m mixing.

   Nice that was me with uv blue oh my gosh dash is obsessed with uv blue.

   Not anymore anymore but i got the like 1.75 liter in college and then i would drink it all at a party especially during um our oh what is it called like it’s a big celebration and they celebrate the town and they go like yeah go cougars even though that’s.

   Not my mascot but it’s like yeah go cougars and then like it’s a big football game sort of homecoming yeah that one block party that’s the [ __ ] right there that’s the word a block party homecoming homecoming party yeah how’d you get block party from homecoming whatever you just.

   No he got it from your description.

   Not from homecoming i call it [ __ ] i’m about to say really i’m.

   Not saying really a black party really imagine going to college it’s waste of money oh my gosh so when i got my alcohol today i went to the liquor store and the guy’s like i’m really sorry but i.

   Need your id he’s like don’t worry i’m definitely sure you’re over 21.

   and i was like well i’m.

   Not offended you had to id me but.

   Now i’m a little offended you just said don’t worry i know you’re definitely over 21 and i was like sir you could have just said can i see your id and i would be like okay he starts laughing and i was like i’m.

   Not really upset i don’t actually care are you kidding me i didn’t get harder today you did or didn’t did.

   Not that’s the first time i’ve ever.

   Not got carded.

   Nice listen the.

   Next time i get carded i will buy an extra bottle that same day i haven’t got yeah i haven’t got carded in so long well they don’t hurt you in germany so the drinking age is like 18 for liquor so they don’t i came here of age so it was different right working the working age is eight over there in germany drinking right yeah just like 16 for beer yeah like ireland is like [ __ ] with your family but 14 when you’re out like in public i wish i wish i got carded it is weird taking a 14 year old walk around the city with a beer in his hand okay yeah yeah that would be very good that’s crazy all right so um let’s talk about how i started streaming let’s bring it back a little bit to how i started streaming so i started streaming last february of this year 2021 and my buddy of mine uh packet shipper i don’t know if some of you may know him some of you may.

   Not but he’s a uh a brother-in-law of mine so he’s married to my girlfriend’s sister so i used to go hang out with him all the time and he used to stream on mixer and then he switched over to twitch so i used to see him do all these things i started watching his stream and then i started uh i started watching someone on twitch who builds computers i can’t think of his.

   Name right.

   Now and then i just got addicted to like watching him build these crazy expensive computers and stuff like that and i was like you know what i want to just start streaming i’m watching packing shipper and him got a two gaming two pc dual setup and stuff like that i want to start uh streaming and stuff like that and i remember back when i used to be like uh a founder of a clan it used to be so hard to find someone with a capture card in order for us to stream what we were doing you know what i mean so then it was like it’s so regularly available.

   Now and it’s like twit and uh streaming in general is just very common.

   Now so i was like all right i went on my i went on my way to try and find a ps5 i it took me a while but then i finally got one and then i started streaming with my ps5 so then this was like uh yeah so this was like january-ish uh so i started streaming february and then i met yeet on twitch i started watching her stream and then i was like oh she’s cool she’s cool [ __ ] so i was like i started watching her then i was like all right it’s time for me to start streaming then i’m like i’m having audio issues let me see if yeet’s online and of course she was and i’m like hey yeet i’m having audio issues help me and she’s like i was like all right this is interesting this is different so she’s like um i’m streaming right.

   Now but i can put you in touch with someone here comes killadelphia out the blue like hey literally offered him up on a.

   Nice dressed plate he was like what’s going on and i was like i’m offering your services for free you’re muted you’re muted killer yeah oh.

   No my fault i was taking care of something they was telling me that they couldn’t hear y’all from out of my headset so i had to swap to the old headset to get everybody’s voice they go over your me and.

   Nobody you probably haven’t set up the.

   New headset yet in your stuff i’m going to i’m going to [ __ ] my um safety sandwich i’m just going to drink the rest of this oh guys also if you’re watching we have a drink of the stream every week there’s going to be a different drink of the stream it’s going to be picked by a different streamer each week and this week our first one was by junebug gaming i’m pointing the right way right because i remember it’s yeah yeah so avoid the junebug and um it is whipped vodka with orange soda so if you have that at home and you want to join us then uh start drinking with us wait so my daughter came into the stream talking about you know we can only hear you we can’t hear.

   Nobody else is that supposed is this how it is supposed to work out i go what you can’t hear.

   Nobody else 100 that’s what’s what’s happening yeah that’s that’s.

   Not how the podcast is supposed to go yeah.

   No the entire podcast is just killer talk everybody else just like just they have to read our lips it’s a it’s a lip right.

   Now i got i could see everybody else i got ye on the bottom screen maddie me junebug didn’t like my.

   Neck start sticking up i got to take my head off just to see dash because i can see if i lift my head up i can see jin but.

   Now i’m going to take the fitted off just to see wait is yours going the up is that why yours is that yeah because oh yeah you don’t actually have us filling up your screen you don’t look like the rest of us vertical screens are whack honestly super wack well look turn your monitor desktop is the main focus and then all our faces are like this big honestly the only thing i care about is on top of me that’s it look at that [ __ ] yeah dude yo maddie was like all right wait pause look how beautiful eat looks today with their makeup and also jen jen you look so pretty i freaking love i love you guys i do want to say we thank you so much all right yeah yes me i started streaming on mixer it was when oh god i streamed for almost an entire year on mixer and it was kind of crazy because the only reason that i started is because vorhees and dempsey and i were always like busy with things and we had we didn’t have discord before we only had xbox and i met dempsey randomly threw a friend through a friend and that’s how we became friends and then i interlocked voorhees into it so we were all trying to play like different games together so we wanted a way to share us playing games while the other was busy or preoccupied or something so uh we all made mixer accounts and we all started streaming well me and vogue’s dempsey didn’t start streaming until he got to twitch but it was mostly me and voorhees and we just wanted to be able to share our games with each other which i thought was really cool but then we got like people who showed up and wanted to follow us and this was before i had a face cam or a pc or even like a desk i was just playing on my couch in the living room with my xbox with on mixer which i thought was the coolest thing but then i bought a camera and i got a desk and everything and it just kind of started building and building and building but then mixer died and i had i was close to 800 followers on mixer i think and then they were like yeah.

   No we’re just we gotta go so when i started on twitch i think i had like four followers because i made a twitch because i didn’t really know what it was but i wanted to like explore because i was getting really into streaming so then when i moved to twitch it was really weird it was a big learning curve because i feel like a grandma when it comes to technology because i have.

   No clue what’s going on hey junebug take a shot oh.

   No oh and then i built my we’re just picking random people dash take a shot [Laughter] like everything grew and then i met all these fantastic people a lot of people that i met on mixer moved to twitch so like we stayed interchanged but then i met a whole bunch like streaming has opened me up to so many people that i.

   Never thought i would ever meet in my entire life and i think it’s crazy because you don’t really think the world is that big i mean you know the.

   Number of how many people are live on the planet but you don’t really see or know them until you meet them it’s kind of crazy so it just opened up an entire different book to my life so i think it’s really impacted me in a positive way so and i met all of you guys so.

   Now i’m gonna take a shot because i’m gonna get emotional i get so emotional breakfast i take the more emotional i guess be right back okay green’s black daddy yeah that’s what’s going on apparently i see um is maddie left maddie and me okay okay um i i actually did two streams before i started up again i did two streams about a year ago it was actually june um i did it on my old laptop which i.

   Now look at chat on right in front of here you guys saw my setup um so i used to play on my laptop with the camera from it.


   Not my webcam brand webcam but just the integrated webcam and this headset’s mic and it was awful you can see clips of it um i got into streaming because i was very lonely i was very because of quarantine i didn’t get to hang out and see my friends um so i i didn’t really know what to do i ended up talking to one of my friends who was in the.

   Navy and uh we were talking about different twitch streamers and stuff and he was like you know you could definitely do that welcome back uh and i was like oh yeah i guess i guess so i did uh my mom got me my first headset and then i think the very first game i played was doki doki literature club [Music] okay so jen it’s a 31 episode sorry i’m cutting off a 31 episode thing on youtube and we will literally watch it together it’s hilarious we will literally have a watch bunny and you’re going to be educated all right cool so you’re just pulling you’re just going to pull her in [ __ ] is like all right you’re just going to pull her in like with.

   No contact she gets.


   No she gets.

   Nothing she’s going to watch it we didn’t get any contacts okay people like play this game or watch this and.

   Nothing okay she’s gonna she’s gonna like it maddie where’s the phone’s at i don’t know if she’ll like that is that what you wanted yeah okay okay thank you thank you back to your story um yeah so that’s i essentially got in from one of my friends um telling me hey you could totally do this and i was like okay so i did and i did two streams and then i stopped for a very long time um i got back into it december after a kind of messy breakup um and i was with all of my online friends which i’m still friends with right.

   Now and it was good and all fun and stuff but then i met jen and it was wonderful uh my friends got me into dvd i was still on my um laptop but i played it.

   Nonetheless because [ __ ] sucked by the way me i know i think we all sucked when we first started dvd yeah um yeah uh so i was a rank 20 killer it was my very first public killer match and i ended up getting into a match with jen dash zesty and ginger who had been hours and hours and hours as a squad yeah you guys have played so much together and then i just showed up and i was like oh well [ __ ] me then and then afterwards i i was looking at it and jen ended up staying there and messaging me for about five minutes um and then i realized hey one of them have ttv in their.

   Names and because i was also a streamer i i knew what that meant so i went and i followed so that’s how i initially met uh zesty and ginger and then a little while later uh yes that’s how i initially but i became a big part of their community then then i stayed up all.

   Night watching dash play minecraft and then and then i ended up having a very long drunk heart-to-heart moment with jen and we just cried to each other with a bunch of people around and listening to us crying and we became really good friends after that then you joined in later you weren’t there for the initial one that’s when i messaged you and said a really serious talk was happening and you came in it was that was that when i was at um the i think the party or something.

   No it wasn’t a party i don’t think oh maybe.

   No it wasn’t that anyway like like they were like jen wipe your tears because we decided to put our cams on to cry with each other i’m.

   Not even kidding like you can’t.

   No it wasn’t it was jared it was jit i came when you guys were talking about jared uh.

   Not about jared but with jared and invented oh invented says he was there also okay yes okay um so yeah i was there i was there it was like really dark for me i think i remember i i remembered that exactly right and then we were like oh it’s fine it’s fine go and he’s like.

   No i want to be here for this so tired i was so tired but um then through jenna i ended up meeting eat.


   No and then yeah.

   No she’s.

   Not knowing you oh okay i was gonna say i don’t know yeah yeah through when i met jen i was so intimidated because everybody liked her and she everybody talked so highly of her and i didn’t know who she was and i’m so awkward when i meet people for the first time she’s.

   Not gonna like me and then i met her and she was so sweet and she was like i love you and i was like i love you too oh yeah like when you thought i was a female stop you were crazy you had.

   Never said a physical word to me before so i automatically was like and june always people always use jesus june i knew that you were a guy right when i met you same with killa and then uh on jen’s birthday that’s when i met june and killa and we were and then we all had our cameras on and we were just reviving and it was great and wait i you wouldn’t know what i mentioned i mentioned drunk and [ __ ] six o’clock in the morning my time easter standard time drinking gentlemen time gen time check yourself gen time i just know one thing it was just i was sitting there they was like oh we’re still drinking we’re so drunk i got up to see who i can watch in the morning they was drinking i almost caught out of work just to play the game with them to drink with them i was like yo you’re my this is my family this is where i.

   Need the first thing he ever said was i think i found my people exactly slater and pizza and they was drunk as [ __ ] six o’clock in the morning gin tom didn’t make any sense you wouldn’t know how much gin time there was some time it was like six o’clock in the morning everybody was doing shots and jen told everybody what operator to pick oh yeah that’s where we were playing jen roulette and everyone’s like pick our operators and i just called random operators that sounds dangerous they literally i just picked whoever came to my mind and that’s who they had to run so i was picking the entire team and then yeah there’s mystery we have to do placements this week okay i’m down tomorrow let’s play we do we got to still get me to 50 where i’m almost there we just gotta give me the 50.

   hello dash.

   No don’t fill it halfway dash it’s like a third you’re supposed to do it like a third stop feeling yourself i said kill you keep filling yourself i’m i’m feel i’m feeling myself i’m killing myself so death by dragoon healing death by dragoon said that jen maddie and you you are all beautiful oh thank you what about me i got tits.

   No do we really want to talk about that right.

   Now because who wins this game who wins this game all right come on show them if you got them ladies let’s go yeah so i was on xbox and um i am.

   Not good at video games.

   Never really been good at video games but i’m a.

   Nice person and i’m funny that’s what i have going for me so uh we would play siege.

   Never played first person shooters in my life and so i uh would play siege i would usually be cap can and sit in a corner and mind my own business and then kill everyone with cap cans everyone would get so upset so um i started streaming on mixer on my xbox and then people started clipping anytime i died or any time that i got a kill and it just became a thing that i have all these clips of me either killing or dying usually it was dying and um then we ended up coming to twitch and i’m getting a pc and i started streaming on pc and i just kind of fell in love with it because i liked all the different things that i could do with the pop-ups and i loved raiding people and just all the things like literally my favorite thing about streaming is when someone raids me and i have a decent amount and i can pass that on to someone like it just makes me so happy um but like dash said i meant dash playing shell shock with boo um and then we played among us and dash kept killing me and um you kept complaining that she was the old like she was the first one to die all the time so i proved it right yeah yeah um and dash and i just kind of clicked instantly we just became super good friends we had similar personalities and um so i brought him into the uh streaming fam because i was like guys i was like i don’t like splitting my time so i’m just gonna combine my circles and brought dash in and i’m so glad i did um and killa like i said met drunk streaming um and then maddie i met when she was the killer ye i met through actually voorhees um and then in argus yeah and then june i met um drunk on my birthday he just he’s like you know what this chick seems cool i’m gonna celebrate her birthday came in got trashed and had a blast and i’ve loved june ever since wait really that’s when i met you yeah yeah i asked jenna i was like can i invite somebody he’s.

   New to the community and he’s trying to get his.

   Name out can i invite him and she was like hell yeah and then i would june and i vibe so hard i think but besides like you know to the side i talk to jun every single day like from the time we wake up to the time he goes to sleep we are texting each other and i think it’s awesome to have a friend like that and invented says he met dash and among us so hello what are you doing bro he’s feeling himself he should be i think i think he.

   Needs his safety sandwich i think i think he.

   Needs a bite of his safety sandwich um you guys i want to tell you a fun story really fast so i called my mom today on the way to the store because i randomly like to check in with her and she’s like she’s like oh so um she’s like it’s tonight your first stream and i’m like yeah super excited so she’s asking me questions she’s like oh how did you get into that what made you decide you want to do it so i’m telling her all about everything and then she’s like well i went on the website my mom’s amazing by the way she’s.

   Not judgmental at all that’s like i’m being serious she’s like i went on the website and i saw one of the people posted how they’re just gonna be drunk the whole time and it’s just gonna be drunk shenanigans and it’s just gonna be a mess and my mom’s like so is it is it just gonna be you guys drunk the whole time and i was like mom that’s.

   Not the purpose i was like i was like that’s just killers like killa drinks all the time well.

   No because it was his it was it was casually drink our drinks on stream but but like but you know like killa killa’s just excited you know so it’s.

   Not it’s.

   Not just gonna be us drunk don’t worry mom and she’s like oh my god am i am i a weird person to everybody like he just drinks all the time.

   Now yes yes for.

   Now at the party i don’t know about him born and raised relaxing all cool my uncle my favorite uncle is is the drunk uncle you are.

   Now okay yeah [Laughter] hey first of all i.

   Never i.

   Never said that i didn’t love kayla with all my heart i was just saying don’t worry it’s just you know it’s just killah we just it’s just i’m i’m changing my.

   Name in the discord right.

   Now it’s just killer killer.

   No you’re uncle killing my discord.

   Now are you effing kidding me uncle killer everywhere quantum said something really funny he said the drunk uncle and killer.

   Need to 1v1 [Music] with like a [ __ ] glass of rose and just stare you down hey kayla’s the life of the party there is.

   No judgment here as soon as this i love you oh.






   No i challenge them bring them on let’s go i’ll bring them up born and raised i hate on the basketball court it’s where i spend most of my days all right well look good luck everybody you have a great day listen we about to go raid somebody wait this is where i’m playing this is why i’m playing matthew mcconaughey’s uh video him sitting out the wind sitting in the campaign i was casually scrolling through everybody’s and i see max i’m like who the [ __ ] is that it’s just it’s an hour matthew mcconaughey looking out the window wait while it’s like raining outside yeah [Music] i already.

   Need to change my uh freaking command he’s liz he’s literally going to be lizard uncle you’re just going to be uncle in mine lizards like an uncle.

   No he likes being emotional kayla’s making me hungry here’s the thing about it some days i’ll be ready to leave your chats because i’m too old to be in the [ __ ] you’re too old to be in bruh i’m about to go how is the age difference here what do we have like is it killer than me and then jen probably i wouldn’t go that route i’m just saying i know me me and daddy the same thing like we want you guys you do the guys you do the guys first and then you’re like oh yeah and then you don’t answer yo [Music] [Laughter] and then you hit maddie first.

   No they’re saying you’re that you’re older than me and yet they’re saying cause they’re getting bad he’s saying you don’t ask a female their age so they’re trying to figure out ways to make it okay and they’re like maddie’s the oldest maddie’s dead maddie’s definitely the oldest but every but it’s what i’ll be i’ll be dead ass 40.

   i’m 32.

   see this is why i’m like this is some young this is some young [ __ ] like i’ll be sitting there like i i should have been born in the 70s though i i.

   Normally sit there and i’ll be i’ll be scrolling through all my [ __ ] is almost open enough to be my father uh i don’t want to it’s my fault he’s definitely old enough i would say killa is old enough to be my father but hey dragoon are you making a drink what’s happening can i knock your sisters i put it in the in my fridge the soda in my fridge so i’m just pouring in the kitchen oh okay i’ll.

   Normally scroll through this [ __ ] and i’ll be like yo i’m the oldest person in this [ __ ] discord i gotta find people i gotta be with you hop in them how does that make you feel yo like there’s something wrong like i get depressed there’s something the [ __ ] wrong because i’ll get depressed i’m like all right i see everybody in here 30 30 30 just about to hit 25 25 but listen but listen the 40 year olds that are.

   Not on twitch or streaming you know what they’re doing they’re at home and they’re drinking by themselves with.

   No one to talk to we drink with friends thank you jerry goon i really appreciate it when this camera goes [Laughter] [ __ ] with this podcasted we’re probably gonna all play like dvd or something drunk still like i’m going i’m going into rainbow i have caught that rainbow bug so bad that i want to do placement i gotta do both let’s let’s be real when so it doesn’t matter how messed up i would play with you guys but i can’t get to 50.

   well you could still play with us tonight because we’re.

   Not we have because we’re.

   Not even going to get to rank yeah june come play with me come over and play with me bring it back you said wait man you said you wasn’t you didn’t have any pants on and you.

   Need to put pants on that was off stream that was.

   Not on stream what.






   No i had shorts on i put on a different pair of shorts i put a really comfortable pillow stand on she put on she put on some drg don’t stand up to go make a dirty stop i i i.

   Need to pee don’t do it don’t do it i.

   Need a pee i do.

   Need a microwave turn your camera off and go okay okay bro don’t worry what’s the prg stand for [Music] around don’t turn around matty your hair is blushing she gets all embarrassed her hair starts to turn colors and she’s like this is classified right there you don’t know what i.

   Named him it’s classified why do you.

   Not talk like that you heard what the hell is wrong with you because it’s gravy baby you don’t even sounds like a freaking psychopath that sounds like the zombies from dvd but let corpse wait but but let corpse come in and start singing his weird ass corpse song let me choke you when i joke joke me when you choke me shut up drg while you’re choking me because you’re choking me while you’re choking me oh my god that is.

   Not hilarious at all wait wait wait wait wait those are his.

   No we’re.

   Not talking about a killer can we talk about like can we talk about that dunk that just made it like guys he has a safety sandwich oh my gosh i’ve got a safety sandwich and then he’s got it okay let’s go with that dough she’s like a safety pastry i have safety chicken.

   Nuggies in the fridge for later safety cheeky milking mm-hmm huh is that what is that right safety vodka yeah safety vodka yeah that’s my safety drink okay so question what does everyone think of june’s drink even though everyone’s drinking a completely different version of it it’s really good i like it a tradition i mean i’m.

   Not gonna lie there’s also tequila in this but that’s why i said everyone’s drinking a completely different version it’s a mix i.

   Need more honey in this i got you generic oh my god so i’m drinking the actual drink i have orange soda and i have whipped vodka in my drink that is so do i i have orange it depends on what type of soda you have i have crush yeah i have have um crunch crunch crush crush cake oh you have sunkist i have fanta thank you i have germans that’s why they come in they come in cans yeah right yeah that must be a germany thing that’s got to be a germany thing you know you know canadians right right cans if they’re crazy looking you know what do i have have ketchup flavored chips did you know that yeah so does egg wood yeah i know the lake we also have the white chip we technically have them here in the us as well they’re delicious born and raised oh they’re the pepper which is literally just all of the flavors smashed up and they were like let’s see if they like it and then they do because i love all dress i’m literally sitting here trying to look at you but i got to lift my head up just to look at you what you got exactly i’m looking up and i’m like [ __ ] [Music] honestly june it’s because marsha marcia marshall my daughter my daughter’s in my chat with somebody trying to tell me that i don’t like my daughter trying to tell me to tell me in my discord in my chat uh trying to say that i don’t like sun kiss you don’t know what i like i just i i really don’t know me that was i was dash that was an interesting question to ask why are you wondering how old his daughter is i’m waiting for chris hanson to jump out of.

   Nowhere why would you why would you want to know i’m like invented guys guys invented dropped a quote 10.

   invented dropped a quote he dropped a quote [Laughter] oh i came back but you didn’t.

   Notice sorry kayla 21 the [ __ ] i don’t know please oh.


   No killa real i don’t know i guess it depends on if you’re showing booty or.

   Not if you’re.

   Not showing booty you’re fine if you’re showing booty i have plans.


   No i’m.

   Not judging well stand up we’ll stand up there listen.

   No we’ve all been getting up to get more drinks oh.

   No you’re fine yes that is fatherless stream i have disabled maddie’s webcam i can’t with you all i can’t [ __ ] dance oh my god you’re pulling out matty’s pulling [Music] oh yeah maddie doesn’t have maddie doesn’t have a wireless headset so she has to take it off don’t pull out please wait wait that.

   Needs to be quoted add a quote so quantum pull out danny i love you shut up danny so while while matt is gone and we’re kind of out of stand still here any followers that we have to do i gotta give a shout out to death by a dragon hey dragoon yeah so much i appreciate it appreciate it dragoon thank you so much cheers to dragoon anybody i got i got death by dragoon and.

   Nana in here talking about grape soda over orange soda oh.


   Na oh what’s my.


   Not me come on who’s going to finish that i don’t like it just wanted you to finish the quote that was it i forgot i forgot it i forgot it kale loves it oh yeah cal i couldn’t i thought i thought it was kelsey true i do i do i do [Music] quantum is a regular on shell shock friday he’s a regular we love quantum i made that one a little stronger i might have done the half and half accidentally like that like that the first one i did yeah.

   No mine was an accident i.

   Needed to finish my third cup i.

   Need to put the liquor in and then the ice but i keep putting the icing and the liquor and then i don’t know when to stop is maddie sitting down.

   Now yeah maddie’s down.

   Now you can turn your cam back on i’ll i’ll enable bro why are you safety here you’re streaming oh i’m telling you i’m gonna.

   Need to get a safety sandwich emo this is gonna happen yes that’s my.

   Next e-boat i’m gonna get a safety sandwich that is freaking hilarious so um i know we took pictures of all of our streams but can we talk about our stream setups from win-win would you like to go first yeah should i give a tour give a tour dash give a tour this is what i’m working with right.

   Now this is what i’m working with with the whipped cream yo hey [Laughter] why you don’t like my lips being like this i’m okay let me disable dash’s camera my streams we got the tv here we got the we got the fan we got the computer oh i can’t believe you have that on the floor oh my god is that on the floor it’s on the floor that comes out here carpet on the floor my pc is on the floor on my carpet and then we got that we got the router here and then we got that’s about it that’s about it but but the question is does it work does it work for you i mean does it work let me work good followers right yeah he’s doing good so sure good work pizza just said to me i taught you well because i immediately cringed when i saw dash’s uh thing on the floor i was literally oh for my.

   Name and then using my mac uh laptop to look at chat i didn’t have streamlabs or anything else i used my phone if you look at my old streams from when i first started on twitch you can see all my cabinets behind me and everything it was before i knew what the [ __ ] i was doing i literally went and got a pre-built because i was sick of it yeah same here uh mine for those of you who know aka killer i can only stream for an hour and a half because my macbook would.

   Not allow me to stream anything over that i remember that it was like my my stream would start to [ __ ] the bed even with it being plugged in to the wall and charged the whole time it would start to shake the bed at an hour and a half like yeah it’s time to go oof like hour and a half is coming up i could push it just a little bit more up.


   No it was.

   Nuts maddie i think you’re you’re.

   Next okay um like i said before mine my initial stream setup was just a sad little laptop that i still own and use today and i would look at chat via my phone um and then after a little bit i got uh this is maddie i was oh wait i don’t have your screen are you showing or something yeah i don’t yeah i’m showing daddy set up you have to tell us if you’re doing it because we have to unhide oh yeah yeah well.

   No she’s doing it on her stream.

   No she’s.

   Not oh understand oh on your stream oh i thought you were going to put it up on here so we could all see it this is dashes too um we’ll go to maddie’s since she is talking sorry continue um yeah i just put ebay yeah so then i got a a hand-me-down pc from a friend uh and that worked for a while until the gpu just completely died on me and if you guys don’t remember that would be hey guys sorry i blew screened again let me like load up real fast and i’ll get back into the match i’ll play another i’ll see if we’ll see if it works and then um my actual uncle.


   Not killer uncle oh but you said.

   Not killa he got so sad.

   No but kayla were you the one who bought bought me a.

   No appreciate where that money came from he better he better.

   Not because he’s supposed to be my sugar daddy yo wait a second oh wait hold on a second i.

   Need a sugar i already got a sugar uncle buddy called against me i can’t somebody please clip that off a dash of stream somebody please clip that from dash’s stream i can’t but uh.

   Now i have um my pre-built that i still have to pay off with uh the money that i get from streaming but i’ll last everybody but you gotta pay your uncle off of that [ __ ] yeah it’s like he literally called me he bought it the day that i messaged him that like hey i know you have like a set up yourself and i know you have a bunch of spare parts can you help me so i can try to find something and then he was like i can’t find anything that pc like you are.

   Not going to get any decent gpu for a price that you can afford that would even like work in that so i mean i’m just going to get you a.

   New one yeah it depends on what your uh your budget was because i got a pre-built and i don’t have a 20-70 super like yes yeah i bought it i mean 600 and it had a 1070 in it okay it was the best pre-built that i’ve ever built and i think so my thing is that people who pre-built that you built.

   No i built the computer that i’m currently playing on right.

   Now that’s in my specs i built before the market took a [ __ ] but before that i built or i bought a pre-build i bought it from the saturn which is the basically it’s like a best buy radio shack mix together or best buy or whatever but the fact is that people [ __ ] on people who have pre-built and i think that’s [ __ ] [ __ ] because who cares if you’re trying to game and you’re trying to up your stuff and you’re trying to start streaming or do whatever the hell you want to do people are great pre-built are so awesome because it’s a great start because if you even even if you only stay at pre-built and you just continuously buy different pre-builds that’s fine do it’s your life do what you want to do with whatever you’re gaming with and whatever you’re working with because in the end it doesn’t matter what other people want it’s going to only matter [Music] i’m just going to oh my god are great for people who don’t know what they’re doing and don’t know how to build pcs or starting out it’s great [Music] [.

   Applause] [Music]

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