Binance Webinar: Ultimate Guide to using Binance Earn


hi everyone welcome to today’s webinar session that’ll cover everything you.

   Need to know about binance earn biomancer’s one stop investment solution.

   Now in this webinar will help you get started on earning passive income with binance earn where you can let your money work for you.

   Now that is the equivalent of today’s modern digital age hustle so definitely don’t miss out how you can earn more so before we get started i just want to introduce what balance is first to to all the.

   New joiners and explain our journey um up until.

   Now so binance was actually started in july 2017 with the mission of spreading the freedom of money by becoming the infrastructure provider of the crypto industry.

   Now today we are the world’s largest blockchain and cryptocurrency provider with a range of financial products that includes the largest digital asset exchange by trade and volume we are trusted by millions of users worldwide in over 180 countries and that list is ever growing.

   Now the binance platform features an unmatched portfolio of crypto products and offerings and we’re going to touch on one of those products which is finance earn.

   Now for some housekeeping rules um i’m just going to go over some generally important links that you’ll.

   Need um throughout your time at biomance the first is an faq section which will include all related articles about how to get started in finance it actually includes a lot of the material that we’re going to discuss today so if you are stuck you can refer to the faq section for helpful guidance we also have the announcement section which includes all related promotions activities and it will also mention any.

   New trade and pair tokens and listings etc this allows you to stay up to date with what’s happening at binance and then lastly we have the customer support section which is our live chat that is available 24 7 365 so you can contact customer support if you’re having any troubles with your account and our dedicated customer support team will be able to best assist you so some general tips along the way so be wary of impersonators you know finance employees will.

   Never ask the account email or password or address so please do.

   Not share your accounts information with anyone be wary of scams and airdrops that are.

   Not finance official so binance will.

   Never ask you um to send us money so please do.

   Not send anyone crypto once you send the money to someone um which is likely scammer those funds are lost forever so please please please be wary um and lastly wary of phishing links um these can come in the form of emails so do.

   Not you know click on any suspicious links that are.

   Not from our official email domain and if in doubt you know just log into our official website as well which is our and you’ll be able to see our existing platform so moving on to the presentation outline i just want to briefly touch on this before i go into the presentation so firstly i’m going to touch on binance earn which has um five different products that we’re going to individually go through and then in the second section i’m going to give you a visual demonstration of you know how you can actually use binary to earn and then i’ll end on some community q a questions which will um highlight some of the common ask questions that we we get from users about binance earn so further due let’s get started um with the first question you know what is binance earn let’s put it simply it is um you know finance line this is a one stop investment solution to earn passive income with your crypto so you can actually find binance earned by visiting hover over the.

   Navigation bar um you know under finance and then you’ll see a drop down menu click on violence earn and then you’ll be directed to the landing page which you can see here you can you know there’s a drop down or filter selection where you can type your crypto that you want to search and below here you’ve got the different sort of highlighted um contracts that we have and then if you scroll down even further you’ll have you’ll be able to see all the different products under binance earn but before i delve into each of the products i want to give you just a high level overview of how does the binance earn mechanism work so firstly you opt into binance and product um what this does is it simply transfers your crypto from one wallet to another one it so you know in for the circumstance of finance it is your spot and fiat wallet to your own wallet this transfer is the same as you know the transfer that you do by a traditional bank where you move funds from a current account to a savings account instead of current and savings we use spot and fear and earn it’s different terminology but the same concept so after you opt into a balance and product your crypto will be transferred from one wallet to another one it and then you start earning passive income every day and then obviously conditions vary depending on the product but you can actually opt out on any violence earned product and cash out your profits seamlessly so i hope that gives you a kind of a high level overview over how balance and work so.

   Now i’m going to just touch on each of the different products on the balance earn so in total there are five different products uh for violence earned each of them obviously carries their own risks so definitely do listen carefully for for those risks which i’m gonna touch on later on so the first product that we have is savings and we have three product categories under savings which are flexible fix and activities um under the second product we have staking and we have up again same three product categories we have blocked d5 in ethereum 2.0 in the third product we have launch platform which has two product categories which is launch pawn launch pad and then the fourth and fifth product we have bnb volt and liquid swap so what i’m going to do.

   Now i’m going to just touch on each of the different products the product categories and give some examples of how they look on the binance platform so let’s get started with with the first product savings which is the i guess the most common that we see uses um opt-in finance earn so savings is exactly what it says on the tin you receive interest rewards just by keeping funds in your wallet we have three different product categories under savings like i mentioned flexible savings fixed savings and activity savings for the first flexible savings this is the easiest option to earn interest rewards all you.

   Need to do is just transfer crypto to a flexible savings contract and you can start earning passive income the.

   Next day apy rates are generally lower in flexible savings contracts compared to other balance earned products which i’m going to touch on more briefly and but they are actually quite competitive within our industry and you know highly competitive against traditional finance industry.

   Now in fact if you actually suddenly change your mind and you want to opt out of a savings flexible contract and it’s very seamless it’s very easy you can opt out and transfer your crypto with.

   No hassle this is the best option generally for.

   New users for the second product category which is fixed term savings this is similar to flexible savings which i mentioned earlier but the difference is um you can’t opt out and transfer your crypto at any given time you actually have to wait until the contract ends in order to receive the interest that you.

   Need so for fixed terms we offer generally four time lengths we have seven days 14 days 30 days and 90 day contracts this effectively means that once you opt out of a fixed term contract um so once you opt in in a fixed co contract you actually cannot access your funds until the contract expires.

   Now you can actually opt out of a fixed term contract before the contract expires but you forfeit and you lose all the interest that you have gained up to that point so you actually gain.

   Nothing so that’s important to know for fixed term contracts.

   Now for the third product category which is activity savings these are generally temporary schemes which last for about you know at most 60 days and these are i guess one time promotions and the apy rates are extremely extremely high so this is actually very attractive for users and but obviously it comes with a limit so give you a kind of a brief example of what flexible savings look like as you can see here you’ve got the different assets on the left you’ve got the seven day api rate and then you have obviously the ability to transfer your assets into this contract so moving on to the fixed savings this is what a you know fixed savings contract will look like similar to the flexible ones you have the um the asset on the left you have the annualized interest rates uh or the apy rate and obviously.

   Now we have a.

   New uh feature which is duration so these are the the contract length so for certain assets you have a full range of contract limits for other assets you don’t and then obviously you have the ability again to transfer your crypto into this contract and then lastly you have the activities uh which is again pretty similar to the previous two but as you can see here the apy rate is is really high and there’s a generally a a time limit or a a specific time frame um in these cases it’s 15 in 30 days 28 days and these are you know kind of one-time promotions so to speak so we talked about the first product which is savings.

   Now let’s move on to the second product which is staking so understaking there are three product categories which is lock staking there’s defy staking and there’s ethereum 2.0 staking so for the first lock staking this is similar to lock savings as we discussed earlier or fix stakings as fixed savings as we discussed earlier but the difference is that you’re putting funds in proof of stake blockchain projects.

   Now without kind of going into too much detail um proof of stake is just a different type of crypto asset so definitely do your research on what proof of stake is but in in short um this allows you to put your funds in proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies and you’ll eventually also receive rewards from the blockchain protocol as well.

   Now the terms of these contracts also slightly longer so there’s 15 days there’s 30 days and 60 days and there’s 90 term contracts.

   Now differently the second product category d5 staking this is pretty similar to the first looks taken but the difference is that you’re putting funds into d5 projects and.

   Not proof of stake projects so you know it’s pretty much as it says on the tin you know dfi staking allows you to put funds into defined lending projects and therefore you’ll receive rewards provided by the d5 related projects.

   Now defy stake in only has flexible terms so this is important to.

   Note there are.

   No fixed term contracts so that means that you’re locked until a you know you can opt out at any time.

   Now for the third product category is theorem 2.0.

   Now this is slightly different to the previous two effectively what you’re doing is you’re putting your existing ethereum um into a ethereum 2.0 stake and pool via binance and please.

   Note that this is only a wrapper of the standard ethereum 2.0 staking so it is the same as look stake in but effectively what you’re doing is your theorem will be locked during the ethereum 2.0 locking period as defined by the ethereum 2.0 project and bear in mind that the ethereum 2.0 project is slightly delayed so the launch i think it’s believed to be within the.

   Next couple of months so you know as you can tell this contract will be a longer period of time as well.

   Now to give you some examples of what each individual product category looks like interlock seikins you can see again similar to the previous um previous examples you’ve got the asset at the left you’ve got the api rates you’ve got the duration and obviously have the ability to stake your crypto into this contract.

   Now moving on to the defense taking um you’ve got um the different assets on the left you’ve also got the protocol as well which you can see here venus venus venus violent smart chain venus and you also have the the equi rate um obviously it’s flexible lock and then you have the ability to stake.

   Now as well into this contract.

   Now ethereum 2.0 is slightly different um in terms of design uh but once you’re logged in you’ll be able to um add your ethereum into the existing port and um up to 20 and apy.

   Now we talked about savings we’ve talked about staking.

   Now let’s move on to the third product which is launch platform.

   Now launch platform effectively means that you are locking crypto in a dedicated account in order to gain.

   New project exchange tokens which are yet to be launched on buyance so let me just kind of go a bit back uh take a step back so effectively.

   New projects.

   New tokens.

   New exchange listings um effectively you use our launch platform as a way to displ distribute tokens to our user base.

   Now this is effectively similar to a pre-sale offering um you know under the launch platform there are actually two product categories we have launch pool and launch pad let’s look at the first uh product category which is launch pool.

   Now this is a launch platform that’s mainly used for blockchain token projects um it’s it’s there to help fundraise and increase reach of pre-sale tokens called icos or otherwise known as initial coin offerings in total um launch pool has sold over 85.3 million dollars in tokens from 17 completed projects fun fact alice reef and lit were all projects distributed on the launch pool platform so if you own those if you have one of those tokens they were actually distributed via our platform.

   Now for the second product category which is launch pad this is another launch platform but the difference is is that it’s mainly used for exchange projects or fan token projects a slightly different audience to the first product category it’s the same concept it’s used to fundraise and increase the pre-sale of tokens called ieos or initial exchange offerings um under the launch pad platform has sold over 57.8 million dollars in tokens across 23 different projects again a different fun fact matic um a axi you got e grand we got where x and you know ing were all projects distributed on the launch pad platform so in short as an exchange or.

   New product token binance team provides a full service offering starting from advisory services before the token is even issued to post listing and marketing support you know the the goal of the launch platform is effectively allow project teams to focus on the project development part and continue building products whilst you know binance handles the marketing the exposure the initial user base etc so definitely apply um for the launch platform if your.

   New product project uh we can definitely help you to reach uh global audience so taking example of what you know the different categories look like you know under the launch pool um you can see the different projects that we have on your left and we have the different pools where you effectively stake um to claim the launch token so obviously these tokens haven’t launched yet so you have to stake other tokens in order to gain those.

   New tokens so for example clay we have two pools you have bnb and bsd so if you have b and b um you can stake b and b into this pool and then effectively gain um x amount of clay tokens in proportion to the total amount of a distribution you have the same with vsd um and then moving on to launch pad it’s again a similar you know design concept we have the different projects that you that you can see and then obviously once you click on it you can see the different um pools as well that you can stake effectively so that’s launch platform.

   Now moving on to the fourth product which is b and d volt so effectively bmb volt is a yield aggregator um this means that you put your b and b in a specific volt so to speak and you receive daily rewards from any active binance earned products that uses b and b so these rewards comes from all of the previous finance products i’ve mentioned before which is saving staked these are all determined by default investment logic so effectively you receive free tokens from all of the different um active balance owned products um that use b2 bnb um in one port so it’s actually quite um it’s a great platform a great uh product to use if all you want to do is accumulate bnb all the time um i know b volt sounds um quite deceiving uh b b vault is similar to the different products it’s effectively just transferring your crypto into your own wallet um you can actually opt out at any given time um with the b volt all you have to do is just add b and b to the d b volt and then you can start earning b and d from all of the other binary products that use b and b um this allows you to accumulate b and b over time and like i mentioned before you can take your b and b out of the b b volt at any time with.

   No hassle it can still remain and keep your earned interest so definitely give it a try if you just have bnb and want to accumulate b b all the time this is what it looks like as you can see here um you can see your kind of different types of blindness earned products you’ve got your savings your launch pad launch pool other awards effectively you just stake your bnb here and then you can just gather interest from all of the active products that use bnb so it’s very very cool feature that we have on binance so moving on to the final product which is liquid swap.

   Now this is a yield farming e5 protocol effectively used for people who want to have more of a high risk investment strategy so binance liquid swap is actually based on the port of liquidity you know there’s two tokens in each pool and the relative amount of tokens determines the price between them it can be easily traded as long as there’s corresponding tokens in that specific port so again it sounds complicated um definitely do a lot of research before you use this product effectively is you can swap your crypto if you if you.

   Need to um to get into a desired pool that you want to go into um for example let’s say you have bitcoin but you want to go into a um let’s say a busd liquidity pool you can easily swap your bitcoin with with usd and then you can add your bsd into the liquidity pool and earn daily rewards um the great thing about liquidity swap is that i’m effectively it’s similar to you know i guess flexible savings where you just effectively earn yield and interest on what you currently have so it’s a definitely a really good um platform if you want to provide liquidity but also an interest on top of that as well the same with the previous spinoza products you can remove your crypto from the liquidity pool at any given time it’s very very simple to use this is what it looks like again give you a brief description you’ve got the different pools um you have obviously the current liquidity that you have the currently yield uh the volume if you’re interested in the volume and then you have the ability to add redeem and swap um it’s really really really easy to use actually um again just to give you a bit more examples if you want to swap you can easily swap your crypto with another crypto um and on the right you can actually see um that you can actually add um redeem at any given time so effectively that’s all of the different five products that we have um to give a brief summary we have savings we have stake in we launch platform we have bnb volt and then we have liquidity swap so.

   Now we move on to actually how to use binance earn and give you some real use case scenarios how to get started so how do you actually get started if you’re using the website so the website’s pretty simple you know as i mentioned before you go on you you then hover over finance you click on buy let’s earn um you type your desired crypto asset you have let’s say you you want to you have bitcoin and you want to put bitcoin in a balance and product type in bitcoin you can then see all of the different um products that we have just for bitcoin so the first is we have bitcoin for flexible savings with a ap wire of 0.8 flexible contract and then you can transfer any time it’s really really simple to use and let’s say you want to transfer you have the ability to you know transfer your your bitcoin into this wallet um you know make sure that you have the desired crypto first before you transfer it um and then you click on i agree um it’s really really simple and that’s kind of effectively what it looks like to to transfer and opt-in um effectively what happens then is you earn you know interest from your and want it so um from a visual perspective your bitcoin would ain’t trying to be transferred from your fit spot while it’s your own wallet but you’ll receive the interest on your fee and spot one so that’s something that you have to keep on top of as well and then to opt out it’s pretty simple to opt out you then go to your own wallet click on the asset type redeem um and then you can click on you know take out as much as you.

   Need you can click on max there’s an option between two methods of opting out there’s the fast redemption and the standard redemption.

   Now fast redemption is instant redemption so this is basically instant you know opt-out standard redemption is basically it’s a 24-hour you still hold your funds within the contract for 24 hours and then you um opt out so you can still earn interest for that given day most people use the fast redemption because they just want to opt out throw away um and that’s without any hassle so up to you what you want to choose but effectively that is how it looks like on the web.

   Now the app is pretty similar just on an app interface if you have the light app and mould um on your on your balance app um how you can access earn is by clicking on the earn banner as you can see here um and then clicking on either bnb vault or flexible savings we currently only have two products on light app if you want to use more products you have to switch to the pro app which has all of the five products available that i’ve mentioned on the light up you have b and d volts and only flexible savings so let’s say you want to get into the bmv vault you read the product information um similar kind of user experience you then transfer your bnb into this fault and then you start occurring your interest daily it’s really really simple and effectively you can opt out any given time as well so that’s a visual representation of how to use binance earn given you know examples of the website interface and also the app interface.

   Now let’s get into i guess what most people have questions or concerns about is the community q a session so we get asked this question many times uh what is apy.

   Now i’ve mentioned apy many times in this presentation if you don’t know apy is in short apy stands for annual percentage yield which is the effective rate of return on an investment for one year you know 365 days.

   Now for example a five percent apy means that by the end of one year by the end of 365 days you receive five percent interest so to give you some examples um with some real life examples this is a screenshot taken from binance earn for bitcoin so we have bitcoin as under flexible savings we have a seven day apy rate of 0.8 and we can transfer let’s say we’ve transferred 100 bitcoin so let’s say you have 100 bitcoin you transfer all your 100 bitcoin into this contract and you subscribe to effectively 0.8 percent apy so to calculate your interest per day is you take the 0.8 which is the one year 365 days you divide it by 365 days effectively what this does is it breaks it down into the interest or the apy rate per day and then what you.

   Need to do then with this you know seven zero 0.002.1708 zero eight two percent you times it by the bitcoin that you have in this contract so for this it’s 100 bitcoin so 100 bitcoin times this amount you get zero eight 0.219178082 bitcoin and what this is is you receive 0.219 bitcoin per day as an interest and obviously this is a seven day um contract so you’ll be able to see at the end of seven days you would have accumulated um you know this times seven which is one point five three four two four six five seven bitcoin um this is on top of the 100 bitcoin that you’ve put into it so in total after seven days um you have 101.5342657 bitcoin so in short you put your assets in you can calculate the the apy rate per day your interest rate per day times it by the amount of days you’re going to keep the funds in um and then you can kind of start to see your um kind of earnings accumulate all the time.

   Now the the great thing about flexible savings is you can opt out of this contract at any point but you can still keep the um the interest um also something to know is the flexible savings as it says in the.

   Name it’s flexible so after every seven days the apy rate does change so it’s.

   Never going to always stay 0.8 um it’s going to change depending on the market so moving on to the second question which is am i eligible for violence earned.

   Now binance earned is actually open to all verified registered users what i mean by verified is after the author registration you have to complete basis verification.

   Now only after until you pass basic verification is where you’ll be able to then use and access binance urn um also something to.

   Note um make sure that you actually do have the you know the crypto in your spot and fiat wallet so in order to use binance earn you actually have to have the crypto in question if you want to go into a bitcoin um savings contract you have to have bitcoin first so that’s something to also keep on top of as well.

   Now the third question we get asked is it’s all in all you know balance earn gives you passive income every single day but what are the risks involved with these these products.

   Now as i mentioned before um there are different types of risks but broadly i’ve broadly defined them into two different categories which is a time risk and a value risk let’s talk about the time risk what i mean by the time risk is when you’re using locked or fixed term products like fixed in or fixed savings your funds actually get locked until the contract expires.

   Now what this means is that um if you want to earn all of the interest you have to wait until the contract ends this means that you won’t be able to access those funds um until the contract ends so this means that obviously if you.

   Need funds quite quickly you can still opt out but you won’t be able to earn the interest that you would have gained.

   Now the second type of risk is the value risk so this is something that a lot of people are confused about so let me break this down so in addition to the time risk that i mentioned your assets will also be subject to real-time private price movements of the market.

   Now to give you an example to better best illustrate this let’s say you’ve locked 1 000 clay and clay is a type of crypto for 90 days.

   Now at the moment at the point of this webinar session one clay is about 0.925 dollars so let’s say you know 92 cents so the total usd value of your 1000 clay will be 925 dollars.

   Now let’s say the.

   Next day the one clay drops to 0.5 dollars or 50 cents you still would have your 1000 clay but the total usd value would drop to 500 so i hope that makes um makes a bit more clearer you still have the the asset that you’ve locked in but the value of the asset will still be subject to the price move of the market so do bear that in mind as you’re going for different products so depending on you know the day-to-day movement of the market you might feel that actually i don’t want to risk this um currently at the moment um or you can play the opposite way and say actually i want to put more assets in high yield products so definitely do read up in each product more carefully understand the risk involved um and make sure that you choose a product that is right for you so going on to the fourth questions which cryptos or which crypto assets are supported.

   Now there are over 100 different cryptos supported that you can use in any one of the binance and products you can it ranges from top cryptocurrencies to stable coins even fiat currencies and this is all accessible via fingertips within the binance app or balance website.

   Now moving on to the fifth question is how does violence earn compared to the rest.

   Now this is something that i kind of just want to give you an illustration on you know the power of crypto savings essentially in finances on average interest rates in traditional savings accounts across major banks in the us or europe or even other major countries are about 0.5 percent apy in most cases actually even less.

   Now you also have to take into effect um inflation um if inflation is higher than your savings apy rate you actually end up losing value every year you might be earning more you know of your local currency but you’re actually losing in terms of purchasing power you’re actually losing more value every year.

   Now compare that to violence and products which generally generates better apy rates on average you know some tokens record up to you know 3.3 to 5 apy at any given time so we definitely offer a higher apy rate than traditional banks you know by using binance earn you end up saving and actually earning more passive income compared to traditional savings accounts so if you’ve.

   Never touched and you.

   Never use balance earned before this is a great time to get into it.

   Now the sixth question and the last question we have on the community q a is we get also confusion we do have another product um called mining pool.

   Now this is.

   Not a buyer’s own product but people get confused over the two between liquidity um swap or liquidity pool and mining pool in short they are.

   Not the same mining pool is a proof of work mechanism pool and and liquidity swap is for yield farming for d5 protocol so they’re both separate and we’re gonna touch on you know mining pool um later on in another webinar so if you’re interested in that definitely do check it out uh but to answer this question mining pool and liquidity poor or liquidity swap are.

   Not the same so that’s pretty much wraps up the end of this webinar um i hope you enjoyed it please slap a like and a comment below if you found this useful we’ll be doing more of these types of events and webinar sessions moving forward and so i definitely look forward to seeing you at the.

   Next one um thank you so much for for attending and goodbye

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