BSV delisted from Binance and Shapeshift

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[Music] welcome everyone we are live for our daily crypto show and today we have some breaking.

   News just out from finance after all the threats that have been made in the past and the insinuations that this was going to happen finance has finally announced that it is going to be delisting bsv and immediately after this you had shape shift follow they’re saying that within 48 hours they will be dead listing it also there’s rumors that cracker may be following we’re gonna be covering all of this in the show today and with me as always .

   I have Chris Cara bats aka is a F.


   ID from smart cash welcome to the show Chris hey Naomi thanks for having me here it’s a fun day in a developing situation is that.

   News lingo we enough absolutely developing situation a man on the ground.

   No but this is pretty crazy what’s going on so let’s back up a little bit by a few days you had this lawsuit you had all these things going on and we’ll go into detail about that in a second but really the first time that we thought that finance may go ahead and a list bsv was on the 12th just a few days ago when CZ wrote tweet that said Craig Wright is.

   Not Satoshi any more of this we D list and that’s sort of steamrolled a bit of a movement where people were saying yes this should be done immediately etc etc and and then more lawsuits came about seem like crude cryptic Twitter was just taken over with people on both sides talking about lawsuits here in Baron Kelvin air got involved it and it’s just kind of getting crazy and um and.

   Now they finally announced it yeah that was um .

   I mean honestly a little unexpected that they actually pulled the trigger on it so quickly .

   I was expecting and a.

   Nurse this a bit more and see a bit how things shook out but uh you know cz he sees which way the winds are blowing and it’s quite obvious what the Twitter sentiment is about this whole situation and how everybody everybody’s basically done with Craig right and they are just ready to move on and bitcoin sv is a good proxy for being done with craig so be listing that means that people will hopefully have to deal with craig park other less and it was just a this whole lawsuit was just you know the straw that broke the camel’s back sand everybody just really ready to pile on craig and just be completely and utterly done with his persistent trolling while claiming to always be the victim of trolls that is it is pretty much what’s what’s going on what .

   I also find interesting is because .

   I mean .

   I tried to talk with people on on each side as much as .

   I can and just get the lay of the land figure out what’s going on from both sides of the camp and .

   I think it’s important to do that just to see where the mentality is but the thing is .

   I don’t talk to many bsv people like .

   I don’t think .

   I’ve ever met a bsv person who doesn’t believe that Craig is Satoshi and .

   I think that’s an interesting phenomenon in itself well people like having a figure to follow and whether or.

   Not Craig is Satoshi he is a personality that people can get behind and truth be told you know some of his complaints about Bitcoin are reasonably about.

   Needing to have something that can be used for business and meeting up you know larger blocks of transactions yadda yadda yadda he’s just a horrible messenger for it so he’s always he yeah.

   Nobody likes hearing him talk about like yeah we may think you’re right about these things but we hate the coin you started and the threats he’s made to or just over the top from the start of the hard fork in DSV and bch just Spurs like.

   Nobody’s gonna trade for years it’ll be the biggest crypto winner.

   No coin they’ll be able to trade we’re gonna just like we got all the best people like it’s like a very similar kind of rhetoric right yeah and .

   I mean and the only way he got listed on several of these exchanges like crack and Forrest instance is too it’s really by a lawsuit threat back then and so the fact that another lawsuit is actually resulting in him being delisted is if .

   I take him .

   I of course PBS be but we all know that yes.

   Nothing without Craig and.

   Nothing with Craig’s the case maybe but we all know that a lot of these exchanges would.

   Not have listed BSP without a lot of the pressure from the lawsuits and also to be fair .

   I think the practice of exchange is.

   Not giving their customers the coins that are forked off the coins they held is.

   Not the right answer so .

   I think it’s good that these exchanges are hopefully giving people a chance to withdraw all their BS be even if they’re.

   Not allowing it to be traded on their platform anymore right .

   I don’t want to give a huge shout out so tau Jones just sent through a super chat in Google thank you so much .

   I really appreciate that and he says .

   I’m publicly disconnecting from sv b CH please thank you so much .

   I really appreciate your support there and .

   I’ve also added in my pouch at link for bit backer if anyone wants to send crypto .

   I always appreciate that it helps me keep the channel going but also if you have any questions feel free to send it through there will answer on the show.

   Now just to start off here .

   I want to read out this announcement that Finance put out three hours ago they said a fellow by Nansen’s at my Nan’s we periodically review each digital asset we list to ensure that it continues to meet the high level of standard we expect when a coin or token.

   No longer meets this standard all the industry changes we conduct a more in-depth review and potentially delist it we believe this best protects all of our users when we conduct these reviews we consider a variety of factors here are some that drive whether we decide to delist a digital asset and this is what they’ve listed here commitment of team and project team to project level and quality of development activity.

   Network smart contract stability level of public communication responsiveness to our periodic due diligence requests evidence of unethical / fraudulent conduct distribution sorry contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem and then they said based on their most recent review they’ve decided to delist and cease trading on all trading pairs or the following coin and this will be from the 22nd onwards the 22nd of .

   April so as you said Chris this is this is really quick .

   I don’t think we expected this but they’ve listed Bitcoin SV BC HSV so this was their official announcement and then following that we actually had C so Suzy was was riding on Twitter and saying the real Satoshi can digitally sign any message to prove that this is as simple as breathing to him or her and we have a public key until then everyone is Satoshi except Craig right and then he says lastly anyone who supports PSP from a tech perspective should be attacking the fraudulent Craig Wright who is poisoning your community and.

   Not attack the rest of the world anyone thinking Craig Wright is Satoshi should read about how a private key works ie learn about crypto so that’s um that’s pretty strong words they’re from cz and and it is a good point though because a lot of the attacks you hear in in the BSP community it does seem to be very defensive of Creed right and very much outwardly attacking other people like you shouldn’t be saying this you shouldn’t be doing this yo you’ll be sorry and you’ll be bear the brunt of the lawsuits you shouldn’t be you know it’s very outward looking and you don’t see much criticism within VSV of craig right which .

   I find really disappointing well it wouldn’t be anything without Craig right .

   I mean it’s Satoshi’s vision he’s claiming to be Satoshi it’s his vision .

   I mean it is one of the most self-centered coins out there that .

   I can think of.

   Not many coins have a single person drawing it.

   Nearly as much as BSP does.

   Now don’t get me wrong .

   I have seen fans of BSP or at least fans of what they’re doing who don’t jump to Craig’s defense but they don’t tend to attack him or criticize him either they just more or less stay silent on the matter which is unfortunate but they know as well as everybody else that if you piss off Craig he’s gonna go.

   Nuclear on you or you just really have.

   No idea what his response will be yeah .

   I think his own internet just because you’re trolling him and it’s just really really quite interesting to see how the public is respond to this so severely one of the responses of course crack and we talked about they have a poll up on Twitter let me pull that up real quick here because it’s fun did you fight in it .

   I did vote in it yes .


   Not gonna say how .

   I vote yes .

   I voted aye aye .

   I wish they had made their options a bit less politicized but that’s okay like yes .

   I don’t like it versus yes it’s toxic but whatever but yeah as of this compared like since .

   I checked like 10 minutes ago 5,000 more votes showed up so there are 21 thousand votes seventy-five percent say yes it’s toxic 18 percent say don’t care and a combined total of seven percent say.

   No for the two options for.

   Now so it is the crypto twitter is solidly on the anti Craig right an anti BSD side it is .

   I mean pretty pretty obvious here .

   I don’t .

   I don’t think we have to argue much about that based on the overall sentiment on that matter but at the same time do we want to delist a coin just because it’s unpopular .

   I mean is that really what we want to set about .

   I mean we’re basically cheering on these centralized exchanges saying hey you know we don’t like this guy you should blacklist up at the same time that’s free market that’s a an interesting point you bring up because .

   I think sometimes we fall into the trap of especially as libertarians you a lot of people in this community being very open a lot of people are like oh boy ders or all this stuff and people forget that just because you don’t want government involvement in different things that people should you know.

   Necessarily approve of different things and and associate with certain things that they otherwise might.

   Not want to.

   Now in a situation like this .

   I think you have private exchange that has decided we don’t want to do this and apart likely disassociating themselves from it and you know just because .

   I think the community is kind of rallying around this .

   I mean you could look at it in two different ways right you could look at as you said in the one hand thinking oh these people will too much power they should have have the ability to take this thing off you know people should have the ability to trade this you know let the market decide and maybe the price will just be lower but it should be on exchanges etc but .

   I think.

   No one has the right to force themselves on any exchange if people want to exchange this there are plenty of decentralized exchanges out there where where you could still do this .

   I think that it’s a good thing if you have people in the community that you find credible and that you trust and they’re banding together under the same cause and fighting for something to uphold certain standards in the industry and if they believe that something goes against those standards then saying.

   No we’re.

   Not gonna tolerate this and it will be interesting to see you know like at the moment crypto is is in this strange gray area where the government isn’t that involved in exchanges places like by.

   Not so relatively decentralized over there trying to make themselves so so they’re kind of all over the world in different jurisdictions so they’re.

   Not really at the behest of any single government apart from the .


   US government cuz everything’s always at the behest of the .


   US government but you know what .

   I’m saying like it’s it’s they have the right to make their choices and there’s.

   No one out there who has the ability to say well you have to list them and so .

   I think this is a really interesting turn of events and then when you’re talking about the polls so Suzy actually retweeted this and and said so the question was should crack him d-list Bitcoin sv and he replied oh just pow we’ll do it .

   I have a feeling dot hashtag crypto industry is tighter and stronger than you think and this is a really interesting development that we’ve seen as well because it’s also more conflicted and divided there we have to think as well we have all these different camps they’re all competing for the glory of like the one true coin or you know they’re that all trying to take market share or you know they’re this mean this very abrasive atmosphere in crypto especially when you have Forks of certain coins and people take that as like a personal affront like how dare you four can do your own thing you know we should all stick together and be forced to live under the same rules even if we disagree with them and and that’s sort of been the.

   Narrative people talking about how toxic the crypto environment is and then here you see people just coming together and saying all right let’s all agree on this one thing and .

   I think that’s kind of heartening to see that people have the ability across different chains across different currencies across different you know philosophies of what crypto should be they’re coming together and saying this is something we can agree on and and i think i think that’s really promising that there’s that sort of level of rationality there and and you saw that like .

   Erik Voorhees tweeted the other day let me see if .

   I go find it cuz we’ll talk about shape-shift in a second but let me just put that out but he basically said you know isn’t ironic that in the past you know both real Satoshi and fake Satoshi have brought us all together and .

   I think that’s a great point because we all came together because of Bitcoin this is what created this whole thing and then suddenly you see the industry really uniting again it’s the same around kind of ostracizing Craig rice so it’s an interesting turn of events yeah .

   I .

   I agree that old place .

   I worked my ball us apparently was getting tired there’s some people and was being passive-aggressive so he put up a sign that said you’ll you can be a great example .

   I’m sorry .

   I can’t long one um everybody brings cheer sometimes when they show up and sometimes when they leave and so you know Craig’s.

   Not bringing bringing good cheer through showing up but man everybody’s sure happy about this and getting kicked out so .

   I think it’s uh very interesting it somewhat replicates the overall trend right.

   Now like the argument about social media and like should they have the right to kick people out but.

   Nobody likes yada yada yada and you know it’s probably.

   Not a valid comparison because Craig is Craig and.

   Nobody likes Craig .

   I mean it’s just it’s just how it is and the people he surrounds himself with his big as defenders you know Calvin Calvin’s pretty bad too but they have a lot of money .

   I mean Calvin has legitimate billions and he can throw millions at Craig and let him play around it was really effective that much so and at.

   No point am .

   I really making a definitive statement on whether Craig is or isn’t Satoshi because he could be he could have lost his keys to those original blocks he could have gotten some money in hand it was absolutely insane he could have suddenly forgotten how block chains work and that explains why he said things that kind of copy tune there are lots of explanations for this we don’t know and also it shouldn’t be an issue the whole reason why we like the idea of social being a pseudonymous character is that you wouldn’t hold someone up and say well their work word is gospel but glory of Satoshi you know whatever they say we will follow and and.

   Now that’s sort of turned on its head because.

   Now you have.

   Not only people are actually doing that but they they’re.

   Not even doing that to someone that they know hundred percent is Satoshi so there’s like speculation there’s this strange thing so there’s this undercut like it makes it more divided than ever it’s even worse than if someone had come out and proven the best Satoshi and people just disagree with them like this creates this undercurrent of like suspicion and and everything and well .

   I mean see see he’s also he tweeted .

   I think yeah this was today as well this morning he says do the right thing and he retweeted a post Bert said finance will do list and as we mentioned people are following suit so you have .

   Erik Voorhees who said we stand with finance and seize these sentiments we’ve decided to Diesel d-list Bitcoin sv from shape-shift within 48 hours so that’s even so.

   Not then finance plans to do it and .

   I just think that’s really interesting people are wondering why is everyone dear listing at the same time is this some big conspiracy you know what what’s going on but .

   I think you have a player in the industry that is causing a lot of harm is trying to use status control over people a coercion from the state to make people to a line in a voluntary system where that sort of things shouldn’t apply and this is sort of the industry turning around and saying we don’t want that we don’t want this a part of it so we’re.

   Not going to support it yes you have the right to exist you can go in and exist outside of the entities the we control .

   I think that’s really interesting yeah absolutely .

   I think it’s great .

   I mean you know .

   I .

   I doubt cz and Jesse Powell have a whole bunch in common politically speaking .

   I mean when you get right down to it .

   I’m pretty sure they’re pretty different people.

   Now Jesse and .

   Eric have a lot more in common in that regard but even with those differences they are able to come together and kick out somebody who is who is very toxic and and.

   Not a good participant in the crypto community but that’s also something .

   I don’t know it made me think about communities and when they get to us is it so hard for them to actually continue on as you know free market communities versus centrally controlled and so keeping things smaller and more manageable in my mind is a good thing for the crypto space having more and more individual independent communities that all have the same general area they’re playing in but they’re.

   Not too large huge and managed by a single populist personality .

   I think they’re they’re people who are also conflating the issue like some people in the chat who are saying like this is a very centralized decision crypto is meant to be decentralized there’s.

   Nothing decentralized about a third party platform that has a C.


   O and .

   I mean that’s it’s a thing it’s.

   Not a bad thing the decentralized.

   Nature of crypto has.

   Nothing to do with the existence of third-party applications which is always going to happen is that there are.

   No barriers to entry for other 30 party applications to come into play and compete with people so if Prague wants to create an exchange and come into plane and list bsv he’s welcome to this isn’t a centralized decision where there’s this sort of monopoly on on creeps are listing people have the ability to create their own own exchanges and lists things you see centralized exchanges this is a private company that’s deciding whether or.

   Not to do this so .

   I disagree with the sentiment that this is like centralized and a bad thing like that’s.

   Not the that’s that’s.

   Not the decentralized part that matters in Bitcoin which has to do with the mining and the verification all that this is.

   Nothing too do with that and and that’s something a lot of people misunderstand about the concept of decentralization .

   I mean some people are so married to that concept that they think it.

   Needs to be decentralized all the way down until of course it comes to their own decisions which by.

   Nature are very decentralized your make are very centralized you are making your own decisions so there’s it’s impossible to be decentralized all the way down and so people think that well this one organization isn’t decentralized so that means the whole industry isn’t a centralized Renault but that’s.

   Not how that works .

   I mean like we have a fairly decentralized restaurant industry in the .


   United States that doesn’t mean every individual restaurant is decentralized and is ruled by consensus but that means that if one restaurant kicks you out or you don’t like you can go to another one that’s it’s a decentralized food production system or food dispensing system so but when you think about decentralization try.

   Not to focus on any one part and think that means because this one part is centralized the whole thing is centralized so that’s something people.

   Need to think about more when they’re arguing about the centralization and what they’re actually going for what is their goal .

   I mean even a completely centralized coin issued by a bank or company or whatever with.

   No public mining.


   Nothing adds decentralization to the financial system is we’re trying to remove control of that from solely being in the hands of the state so it doesn’t matter if you like that coin versus other coins that maybe take to centralization further but when you look at the picture as a whole even overly centralized individual actors can add to the decentralization of the entire system and .

   I also want to point out something that someone else brought up in the in the chat and actually before .

   I do that .

   I want to say huge thank you to to anonymous who .

   I know is actually Tao who sent through a power chat in bit that guy .

   I really appreciate that $10 in Bitcoin cash and says Bitcoin a bit backer is awesome .

   I really appreciate that tower that’s awesome and also Google doesn’t take 30% of that one and .

   I get crypto instead of dirty fiat so it’s always wonderful so .

   I appreciate that but one thing .

   I want to bring out that someone said in the chat when they’re talking about like Bailey and let’s just point out how different this is to the financial system that crypto people are trying to get away from when you had the financial crisis in 2008 you had all of these banks being bailed out you had like decades and you could say like a century of of moral hazards where they’re just doing these bad things making poor decisions knowing that the government will come along and and bail them out at the end of the day and they won’t be held accountable for their mistakes and so you had people in in banking institutions who are dealing with the really dodgy products that they really shouldn’t be dealing with but there was.

   No incentive for people to cut them off and say.

   No we’re.

   Not dealing with that we’re.

   Not gonna get involved like there were very few banks that decided.

   Not to get involved in that stuff BB & T Bank was it was a really good one during this and the other side of things you have like Bear Stearns it was a countrywide and but you just had all these things that people like there’s there’s awful products that people were using knowing that they were bad and there was.

   No incentive to cut them off and on the other side of things.

   Now you have the crypto world you see people who are looking at products looking at ethos around you developer groups looking at the principles that different currencies of projects are standing on and they’re people choosing to disassociate they’re choosing to say well you know we know that we’re.

   Not going to be bailed out at the end of the day if we have bad products out there or we do things that could hurt people we.

   Need to you know support things that create a good culture in this ecosystem because that’s the ethos of voluntarism if way in this voluntarily then you know we want to do our part to cultivate like a good culture and they’re deciding of their own volition to cut off things that they don’t agree with .

   I mean that’s so far removed from the financial world that we’ve seen in the past well our culture .

   I mean one of the big complaints during the bailouts was that they had you know centralized profits and socialized losses so the banks kept all the profits and then everybody else paid when they lost which is a horrible system it’s a corporatist system that is.

   Not capitalism despite what everybody says it is and so we’re trying to avoid in this system is that it makes it impossible to socialize losses centralize gains so we don’t like that system and what we see here is individual actors as you said making choices of whether or.

   Not to associate it.

   Now in our country we have limited ability of freedom .

   Association there are certain reasons that we can’t disassociate from people fortunately you know .

   I don’t like him he’s a jerk face is a perfectly legitimate reason to disassociate so we’re.

   Not gonna run afoul of any of that in this country right.

   Now but but what we have here is again private corporations and private individuals making individual decisions.

   Now saying the crypto industry is tighter and works together that’s.


   Necessarily a great thing but as you said the SV can make their own exchange or you can buy and sell be SV mean that’s what they can do is.

   Nothing stopping them that they have.

   No right to be listed on any of these exchanges they have.

   No right that other people’s services include them.

   Now he’ll make a whole bunch of you know antitrust and blah blah blah threats of lawsuits oh yeah because that’s what we want in encrypt .

   I was like antitrust laws like the worst things .

   I knew has economy don’t make any sense at all .

   I mean there are also people who are wondering that saying like oh you know later sorry go ahead.

   No .

   I just started saying you know that’s what kragle did .

   I mean Craig is threatens lawsuits all the time and he will respond to this just like that so .

   I’ve even looked to see if he’s tweeted anything recent .

   I don’t even know if he got back on Twitter it’s.

   Not gonna pay attention to enough .

   I didn’t know he blogs me a long time ago so .

   I am .

   I can’t look for my account so you guys let me know if he’s been tweeting anything interesting we should bring out then you tell us but there are people who have bit dismayed about this saying that you know there are a bunch of people who are just pretending that .

   I it’s.

   Not a big deal that they’ve been to elicit from exchangers when in actual fact it’s like a huge deal and that’s how the values derived and you know that’s the only thing that matters here and again is another exchange wants to list it that’s totally fine they don’t have any right to be dallisa to be listed on someone’s private exchanges you mentioned Chris it’s it’s.

   Not how it works here and if private exchange decides.

   Not to list it then that’s fine and yes obviously the consequence of this is that the price will tank because there’s just.

   No price discovery if there’s.

   No liquidity there if there’s.

   No liquidity people don’t see it as value and having value and so yes this is going to have effect and.

   No one’s pretending otherwise but .

   I think that that’s the point it’s is about price discovery it’s about saying we do.

   Not think this is a valuable thing brakus customers we’re cutting it off and then maybe if it’s on other exchanges the prices might reflect the fact that it’s been cut off from so many exchanges that’s obviously what happens in this sort of voluntary system yep sorry .

   I was looking at Calvin’s Twitter just.

   Now and three a couple hours ago jockey Lou is returning to partner with okx to launch a Bitcoin sv based exchange and .


   Not gonna read the whole thing just reading the headline there so speaking of opening their own exchange fine they’ll open their own exchange with hooker and blackjack and who.

   Needs the exchange anyway and then his comment on Finance was so childish illegal and corrupt what monkey oh.

   No you’re gonna say that again you for saying address this house judgment you gotta say it again cuz you cut out there and it froze and this is sounds very interesting and delightfully entertaining so safe ahead of time oh my god you got it do it you got to do and say it with like your storytelling voice read the calven .

   IR tweet again do it or the blackjack okay yeah so childish you lead blue and corrupt what monkey business do a theory man exchanges have going on that this is the reaction to Craig forcing a judge to pass judgment on the origins of Bitcoin by suing Vitalik and liable the Vitalik for libel Wow so .

   I could do Mike so childish and corrupt what monkey business do a theory of applause please you can do my dramatic readings let’s give mr.

   automatic rating a the respect it deserves yeah they’re freaking out about that but even like again right before that you know we have Jack somebody opening up a PSV exchange and that’s the point it’s a PSP exchange they can do it it’s a market .

   I think it’s great yeah .

   I love seeing.

   New people into space and.

   Not ya know complaining about oh well such-and-such work they have us on that platform like .

   I like that they’re.

   Not doing that they’re just doing their own thing which is what crypto is about if you don’t like something you can away and do your own thing so sir that sounds good and .

   I just got another power chat thank you so much someone said five dollars in Bitcoin cash it says do you think kraid will still pump VSB that’s a great question .

   I mean is this a situation where he’s gonna cut his losses .

   I don’t .

   I don’t think so .

   I think that there’s gonna be a lot of sunk cost fallacy involved with this a lot of ego involved with this .

   I mean body predicts gonna happen Chris well .

   I mean what was the article is reading the other day Bitcoin the miners have lost 2.2 million in mining costs since the launch they’re they’re perfectly willing to continue with the losing money in this .

   I think because .

   I mean they are trying to build something there are some people on there .

   I mean you have hand cash you have these various other players out there trying to build stuff so it’s .

   I don’t expect we’ll just hang up the towel right.

   Now but .

   I do expect that they’ll get a lot less attention moving forward and the price well more accurately reflect actual usage versus just speculating someone that was also asking like you know saying than as much as they dislike Craig right that it’s troubling how easily someone could just get rid of this like transparent product and reasonable products and just be able to to blow them off and .

   I think that that’s an interesting point of view .

   I’m gonna have to really disagree with it .

   I think we’ve gotten so used to this.

   Normalized situation where the government has the right to tell us how to run our biz and that’s.

   Not how .

   I think the world should work maybe you have a different point of view Chris .


   Not sure maybe people in the chat disagree but .

   I think that it’s great that a company has the right to decide for itself how it wants to do business so it wants to do business with .

   I think that’s wonderful you know there’s little involvement and outside coercion as possible the better because we’ve seen in the past over and over again outside coercion is often corrupt it’s often you know political players who have their own agendas as well like there’s.

   No situation where people are protected and and we can make sure that right decisions are being made and like it just doesn’t exist so allowing individual companies make their own decisions seems like like the best situation right here agree completely and 100% agree because that that is what we’re trying to create is actual free markets with.

   Nobody being able to stand at the top and say you can’t do something you can’t compete or you know reality you must follow all these regulations to join the industry which realistically.


   New in comer can do and maintain a profit so even though yeah these are huge big players but .

   I mean finance was.

   Not big before the 2017 pump .

   I seriously doubt that finance will be the.

   Number one exchange when the.

   Next pump happens because we’ll have.

   New players coming in with.

   New better tech and somebody else will manage to take that over this is all about competition it’s important when you’re looking at these markets.

   Not to look at a single point in time but look at this at the breadth of the market over time and it’s.

   Not even close to monopoly.

   Now but it’ll get more and more and more decentralize as time goes forward as more and more competitors enter the scene and .

   I think that’s.

   Nothing but good and.


   Nobody has a right to somebody else’s work and so SB and Craig.

   Not every right to be on any of these exchanges it’s out there well .

   I mean if they had a contract if they paid for listing and there was something on the listing that gave them a right to be delisted for certain reasons fine but there’s.

   No inherent right that these exchanges list any one coin or any other coin right sorry go ahead.

   No .

   I just important to remember when you’re dealing with free markets you’re trying to if you’re requires that somebody be forced into doing something they want to do that is a status position yeah.

   Now do you think there should be more transparency in finance disclosing why they’ve listed bsv as like a service to their users saying well these are the reasons .

   I mean it seems pretty obvious why they’re choosing to do it from my point of view but do you think that they should have some sort of official response about this in an ideal world .

   I would appreciate more of an official response from them that being said anything they say can and will be used in any future lawsuit against them so it is to their best entrance at best interests in terms of legal issues to say what they have said and then to stop talking about it anything they say then it’ll been there’s another angle for a lawyer to come in and say oh you were biased because of this or you do you list them for these other reasons you know so the less they say legally speaking the better yeah absolutely well there .

   I mean there’s still developers to come crackin as of this moment has.

   Not decided what they’re going to be doing but .

   I tend to agree with Suzy .

   I think that Jesse Powell is pretty much on the ball when it comes to supporting things in the crypto ecosystem that have a good philosophy underpinning them and .

   I think that he are especially talking about like what kraken has done in the past .

   I mean they’ve been the subject of lawsuits from from BSB or well .

   I shouldn’t say from PSV it can’t really be them VSP but from Craig and and and chain and .

   I think that this like it wouldn’t surprise me if they then did follow and decide to do list it as well.

   Now what we can say from this is if there are people out there who thinking well this is terrible you know the SM.

   E should be listed then .

   I .

   I think that if anything .

   I mean that will probably spur people on to either creating more competition in the marketplace where they can create their own exchanges or perhaps more investment into decentralized exchanges because as much as .

   I’m cheering this and .

   I do support this decision from these companies .

   I also do really appreciate having freedom of choice out there and options when you do have sexualized exchanges at the moment .

   I mean it seems to be in my best interest you know .

   I don’t .

   I don’t .


   Not a supporter of BSB it doesn’t affect me whether they listed .


   Not .

   I like that they’re taking a stand it’s what .

   I think is bad behavior but at the end of the day you know .


   Not the it kind of works in my favor they may come a situation where .

   I think that a centralized exchange may make a decision that .

   I disagree with and that could be a bad thing right and also when you have centralized exchanges it can be a pressure point for governments to pressure if they want certain things delisted that’s always a worry as well so that is an issue that .

   I think we are going to become more aware of and as things like this happen like many people in the BSB can’t this will really motivate them to put more resources into Dex’s and into getting like getting rid of some of the friction that we’ve seen with D.


   A so far .

   I think that’s a great turn of events so .

   I really hope that happens .

   I hope that more people start putting funding and research into Dex’s and .

   I hope that that does become the future because that would be a world where you know as much as .

   I like these major players doing things when it’s in my best interests .

   I the ideal world would be to always have options and have decentralized things that.

   No one could coerce a hundred percent agree .

   I think as time goes on it’ll just be easier and easier to exchange one coin or token for another and you’ll.

   Not really have to worry even about where you’re doing it .

   I expect shape shift shift like services will become more and more common and popular previous a shape shift like services wait before they have to do all the KYC compliance which people have issue with but honestly if you’re at the pest of the .


   US government you can either take a stand and live the rest of your life in jail or you comply and change your business model and they started out really wanting to fight for anonymity and all of that it ended up that the government just doesn’t allow that to happen in the u.s.

   at all so it makes sense that they had to pivot there and .

   I don’t begrudge them.

   Not wanting to hand over their entire business yeah .

   I .

   I understand why they did .


   Not .

   I’m .

   I rarely use them anyway so it’s.

   Not like it’s drastically affecting me personally .

   I understand why people didn’t like it but you know they have to do what they have to do stay in business that’s either you can just let close the shop and fire all your employees and.

   Not make any difference or try to keep going on and still try to make a difference .

   I understand why he made the choice he did that being said though you’re in have atomic swaps more and more common and easy to use in the future and you’ll just be more and more ways to do things so and in my hope at least there’ll be more more people actually exchanging crypto for goods and services adding merchants and business level so more and more of our liquidity will come from actual usage and there’ll be more and more tools geared towards those merchants so that you know .

   I pay you smart cash you get your you know dogecoin and it’s all well and good hopefully you’re.

   Not asking those four dogecoin a fortune but you know it’ll hopefully as time goes on become much easier and easier for merchants to be able to accept whatever crypto and exchange and instantly right then on their right that’s what .

   I’m going for and it may be worthwhile in a future episode Chris if you’re up to it looking at options that people have that out there that are similar to the model shapeshift used to have like other is there anything at the moment that operates outside of kyc how do people find it that could be something that’s valuable to people who are obviously outside of the .


   US because in the u.s.

   that would.

   Not be legal but maybe we could do an episode talking about some of the options outside the .


   US in case people are interested yeah absolutely there are there are options out there you can do and it’d be great to cover some of those because people should know and hopefully we’re gonna start getting more and more.

   Newbies in the market and they.

   Need to know – absolutely well let’s wrap it up there as .

   I said we keeping an eye on what’s going on with crack and they have Nate made.

   No announcements so far about what they’re going to be doing but all eyes are sort of on them are they gonna be following Voorhees and cz and D listing that remains to be seen so we’ll keep you updated and all that thank you so much everyone who’s been here in the chat listening .

   I am.

   Now also undie live as well so .

   I’m testing that .

   I hope to see how streaming goes there if anyone wants to follow me there .

   I’d really appreciate it .

   I four followers at the moment and .

   I’m quite pleased with that so thank you to the four people who for having me there .

   I’m a huge thank you to people use the power chat today to anonymous and to tower for something through those power chats and also tell the settingfield super chat really appreciate your support of the channel this entire thing is is run by by people’s support from the community like you so .

   I really appreciate that but thank you so much everyone in the chat as .

   I said we’ll keep people keep you moist up we’ll keep you low stood we will keep you posted and .

   I and Chris will both be in the telegram group throughout the day keeping people updated on the latest.

   News so we’ll be on Twitter as well if anyone wants to look at that also on bit back our if anyone wants to keep up with the latest but otherwise we’ll probably check back in tomorrow and just update you all but thank you so much for joining us today it has been a lot of fun sayonara everyone bye

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