Make $100 A Day With Binance Via Bplay


the fourth way of the the way that i used to make money use the binance in very effective way so first of all what we.

   Need to do is i’m going to go to the home which is over here i’m going to use my my assistant touch as a pointer so you click the more option which is over here then you go to the finance there is your option over here it says saving you click the saving and then over here you have a flexible saving and lock service right so for flexible you can choose any one of the crypto currencies that you like to invest on so for example you want to invest on busd which is stands for binance usd dollars subscribe and then you can put whatever amount that you have and then you press you click you tick this button i agree to the terms and condition and then you confirm the purchase so i already done that with my dodge con i will show you later so another option which is the lock over here so this under lock saving basically will give you more interest for example if you choose the 7 day 14 day 30 day let’s say i choose you can see over here the interest percentage will be change sorry over here okay you can see this will be changed so the reason why the 90 days you cannot subscribe because a lot of people already subscribe to this plan tessa is unable at the moment so these are the option which is you can invest so i already do that let me show you over here go to the wallet you can go for overview also go to the earn option so over here i invest 201 torch coin then i’m getting a flexible saving accumulated interest this much in it i can pretty much say in a daily basis by a monitor every two days in months the liquid stuff i will talk on maybe in another video so for.

   Now these are the two way on the third way um two wave so i already tell you there is a fourth way right third way basically okay the third way is you go to trade you choose whichever cryptocurrency you like to trade with for me i will go for the cheapest for example trx and then what we can do is basically it’s a classical style guys we buy low and then we sell high but the time is really will take regardless maybe maybe we’ll take we know one week one month it’s totally it’s.

   Not under our control right so basically we buy low and we sell high another way which is the fourth way which is i found very effective since the buy low and sell high which is a risky trading all is risky unless you want to do like uh the financial which is uh the saving plan yeah the savings plan is sounds very secure but the problem is your earning your earning will be like a kind of like a very small let’s say you got a lot of money sitting inside bank account do.

   Nothing then you can invest more to to get a higher interest rate for my case or for a lot of people they don’t have a such a huge saving or balance inside the bank account so that’s why i think the fourth way which is very effective and fourth way also is risky basically same like a trading trading basically you buy low and sell high and you.

   Need to wait right maybe one week or two a week i don’t know so same same uh principle apply like it is risky but you can make the profit in a kind of like a daily profit quickly you can make that so let me show you that what i mean by that so first of all i.

   Need to deposit first because i just withdraw like uh i think like a 57 usd dollar but actually i got i earned like a 100 usd dollar and then i invest in the dodge coin it’s a 200 coin and then the balance iv draw which is around 57 sing dollar let me show we have vitro order yes so sing dollar i withdraw from the last trip okay all right so let me deposit to my account then i show you what i mean by that so i already have a separate video how to deposit and how to withdraw so i will pause this recording and i will get back to you once i once i deposit to my to my bindings i can use the p2p method peer to peer method thank you hello guys so the seller already so the seller already released the payment so positive all right so you can see over here i already got my my usd dollar gonna transfer this to my spot waller i’m gonna choose the currency i’m gonna hit max confirm so.

   Now i got 21 usd dollar so what i want to do is you go to the home if you’re doing this for the first time you go to the home and then a second and search so p dash bx jwvv if you’re doing this for the first time so you go to wallet and then you go to overview you press the third party account then you play game b play game so that you can earn or lose the cryptocurrency you hit.

   Next and then over here you hit sign up if you’re doing for the first time then you’re gonna choose to continue with the binance account then basically you log into your details and then and then from the b play account creation site there is an option for you to put a referral code over there please put my referral code so the benefit is i personally will guide and will answer whatever question or any problem that you’re facing so i will able to assist you directly i will give you my personal.

   Number so that we can keep in touch so yeah so what i’m going to do i’m going to log in to my use my laptop and i want to use the desktop vision which is i like so i will i will bring you to my laptop guys okay thank you all right guys once you log into your bpay account so over here is that there is a fake token that you can use to play the the games over here and understand how the games works and over here is my referral code and you can refer your friend also and earn a pretty much good commission from there so.

   Now what i’m gonna do i wanna deposit from my binding second to my b play account the cryptocurrency that i’m gonna use is busd so hit wallet transfer instantly all right so over here you.

   Need to log in.

   Now to your binance icon anyway this is uh officially authorized bpay from the binance all right so after your login right so from peer to peer wallet you’ll just transfer the the usd dollar to your spot wallet so from spot order you.

   Need to transfer to b play wallet so i’m gonna choose my usd binance usd i want to hit how much i have for which is i got a 21 usd dollar i want to hit max then i’m gonna hit continue so this is the verification process all right so go to be play sign up we already signed up we’re gonna login all right there you can see usd dollar so.

   Now we gonna play basically right okay i wanna quickly show that show you guys that my transaction history that you can see over here which is 20 feet yes i deposit around 50 right 30 20 around 50 then i withdraw back two and then i deposit again 21 usd which is this amount so you can see that i managed to gain back my money uh two times than what i deposit so of course trading buy low sell high and you don’t know where the market gonna move so it’s a risky and it’s take time so that’s why i decide to play a game and then i can make money from that pretty quickly compared to the stock market okay so i like to play rolex let me try to find the roller which is over here and black was worth of five light space.

   New vegetables so you can see over here a lot of the rolex all right so i’m gonna deposit all right using.

   Numbers for a block that’s for five block.

   Numbers in their own congratulations so please place your bets i’m betting 10 on it please give me please give me yes yes you can see your.

   Name also see can be 20 issue [Music] gonna choose red again please give me this give me that give me give me that you can do this right give me that guys got a lot of money they are broke you.

   Need it give me that give me that oh my [ __ ] black three.

   Numbers [Music] okay after this have you choose black but.

   Now i.

   Need it give me red look at the face it’s face give me red come on come on give me come on come on come on yes yes all right so this is what i mean so but is gambling is still gambling it’s.

   Not advisable but it’s pretty good it’s like quick money give me black come on give me black oh my [ __ ] straight color.

   Number 75 red sorry let me try black let me see come on that’s your clothes come on give me black why.

   Not just give me black [ __ ] you see you can win like that you can lose just like that it looks like for me it’s a lucky color let me try black come on give me black there you go congratulations like again come on give me that give me that black give me red don’t give me black.

   Now don’t give me black give me red come on come [Music] all on i’m gonna go for black.

   Now congratulations to all the winners give me that pretty intense i’m gonna choose flag again okay after this i will go for it congratulations come on there you go my.

   Name right there come on let congratulations to all the winners bad cyclos [Music] hello guys so yeah from 20 usd i managed to win 110 it’s really really risky business and it will give you a lot of stress so i won’t motivate you to do this but the other side yes we can make money also high risk high return same thing as what we are doing like kind of like a trading business okay it’s a high risk high return so yeah thank you guys so basically i’m going to show you how to catch up okay so you minimize the screen and then you click cache okay so it was 110 usd changed to binance usd kesha that’s it so.

   Now the amount will be changed let me refresh all right so the amount is already been changed so what we do we go to our wallet and then over here deposit sometimes you cannot see you.

   Need to scroll up you.

   Need to go for intro and then hit max sorry choose my.

   Ngst hit max 126 so transfer instantly that’s it becomes zero so.

   Now what do you do you go to your your wallet so here all right so over here you can see that you just earn 126 usd dollar that’s all guys thank you you want to send this amount to your local bank account i already have a separate video for that you can watch that i will put on i will you know the recommended video on the top right corner yeah i will attach the video over there

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