Zulu Trade: World’s oldest trading and investing social network.

ATHENS, Greece – Finvasia Group today announced the acquisition of Zulu Trade Group, the world’s oldest and largest social trading and investment network. Its supremacy as the largest “broker agnostic” social trading platform remains unchallenged even after 14 years of operations. ZuluTrade has helped over a million investors in over 100 countries and traded over USD 2 trillion worth of trades.

In addition to ZuluTrade, the deal also includes AAAFx, which holds a portfolio management license from HCMC. This acquisition consolidates Finvasia’s leadership in the fintech and financial services industry globally. Finvasia has been expanding its presence in Europe, North America and the Middle East through various organic and inorganic expansions to create a complete ecosystem that serves the needs of both institutional and retail investors. As of today, Finvasia owns over a dozen brands in the fintech and financial services industry and serves millions of investors worldwide. It has a physical presence in more than 5 countries, serves customers in more than 150 countries and is regulated by more than a dozen regulators worldwide. Headquartered in Greece, Zulu Trade was the world’s first social trading platform to harness the powers of the trading community and algorithmic performance rating to connect traders and investors. Its acquisition complements Finvasia Group’s multi-phase strategy to build an integrated fintech ecosystem for investors around the world.

Sarvjeet Singh Virk, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Finvasia Group, said: “Since Finvasia expanded into Europe, we have continued to consolidate our presence in this sizeable and fast-growing fintech and financial services market. We are excited to acquire ZuluTrade, which further enhances our offering and expands our customer base in Europe and around the world.”

This acquisition allows the Finvasia Group to focus on its financial services vertical, while continuing to gain market share through product innovation and leadership.

“At Finvasia, we value creativity and innovation. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that meets an individual’s financial needs to invest, save, spend and lend. Adding ZuluTrade to our range of offerings is another step in creating a complete ecosystem that will extend our technology offerings to institutional and retail investors,” concluded Mr. Tajinder Singh, co-founder and CEO of Finvasia Group.

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