Zulutrader + Lieutenant Dan monthly average of 5.88% and the lowest possible risk on the platform (risk 1)

The strategist known as Lieutenant Dan just announced that he completed 11 months of operations with his strategy on ZuluTrade, achieving a 64.65% ROI and the lowest possible risk on the platform (risk 1). With a monthly average of 5.88%, Lieutenant Dan shares his strategy with investors around the world via the social trading platform ZuluTrade.

In an exclusive interview, the strategist expressed his gratitude to ZuluTrade for the partnership and for the opportunity to share his strategy with investors in more than 10 different countries. Lieutenant Dan points out that investor trust is something you earn over time, and that he and his team work daily to achieve the best results and maintain consistency.

With a view to maintaining its positive results and the satisfaction of its investors, Lieutenant Dan is committed to continuing to work hard to deliver the best possible results and build lasting relationships with the ZuluTrade community. Through his strategy and performance, the strategist establishes himself as a reference on the platform and promises to continue bringing new investment opportunities to his followers.

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