Finvasia / ZuluTrade is a leader in fintech with clients across

ZuluTrade, a Finvasia group company, has been a pioneer in copy trading for over a decade and has helped over a million investors in over 100 countries trade a volume of over USD 2 trillion.

ZuluTrade 2.0

Future plans include launching a more engaging social investing platform with enhanced social and technology features built upon ZuluTrade‘s current capabilities. ZuluTrade 2.0 will facilitate community engagement that draws on a network of trusted sources, separating trading signals from the noise. Version 2.0 is also intended to provide users with access to analytics, data, insights and portfolio optimization tools normally reserved for professional investors.

With the acquisition and access to the resources of the Finvasia group, Zulu will pursue licenses in multiple jurisdictions to be able to extend portfolio management capabilities to a wider range of users across multiple jurisdictions and platforms.

After the acquisition, ZuluTrade CEO George Illias said:

“Finvasia’s acquisition of ZuluTrade marks an exciting opportunity for us to make our platform an even better experience for all of our users. With Finvasia’s support, ZuluTrade will be able to offer better technology and access to our users, while further expanding our customer base around the world.”

“Finvasia is a leader in fintech with customers around the world who use Finvasia products in some form. We will be able to leverage their presence and expertise to take ZuluTrade to heights we have never seen before.”

Sarvjeet Singh Virk, co-founder and managing director of Finvasia Group, said:

“We are excited that ZuluTrade is now a Finvasia group company and equally excited to introduce innovative features that will further empower platform users. We have a vision for ZuluTrade and look forward to building amazing products together that can solve real challenges for both the average investor and institutional investors.”


ZuluTrade is the largest broker-agnostic social trading platform and offers the largest database of signals and strategies currently available on the market, catering to both advanced and novice traders, with over twenty-six supported languages and state-of-the-art mobile apps .


Finvasia is a global company with multiple brands in the financial services, fintech, blockchain, real estate, healthcare and technology sectors. The group invests in technology-driven businesses and products and is committed to driving sustainable development and generating a positive impact with its businesses. Finvasia, together with its

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