Zulutrader + Lieutenant Dan Strategy 600% Increase in the amount of followers

The sudden increase in followers in the Lieutenant Dan strategy is an interesting thing to watch. The majority of registered followers are from Taiwan, with the first sign-ups taking place in February and March 2021. After that, more sign-ups from Taiwan took place in September and December 2021. The number of followers increased dramatically in March and April 2022, with two entries from Germany in March, followed by entries from Brazil and two more from Germany in October 2022. Most recently, in March and April 2023, there were entries from Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and two from China. It is interesting to note the geographic diversity of the followers, which may indicate that the Lieutenant Dan strategy is gaining popularity globally.
Looking at the list of followers records for the “ Lieutenant Dan ” strategy, it is possible to notice a sudden increase in the amount of followers from the month of September 2021, when four new followers records from Taiwan were added. Then, in December 2021, one more registration from Taiwan was added.
Subsequently, in March 2022, two new records from Germany were added, followed by another record from Germany in October 2022.

Finally, in March and April 2023, new follower records were added, coming from Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and China.
Overall, the increase in the amount of followers is around 600% from the initial number of registrations, indicating a growing interest in the Lieutenant Dan strategy .
The sudden increase in the number of followers of Lieutenant Dan ‘s strategy in several countries shows the quality of the investment strategy. The fact that it is followed by many users in different parts of the world indicates that it has been effective and attractive to investors in different contexts and economic scenarios. This is a positive indication of the quality of the strategy, which has proven capable of attracting and retaining an increasingly broad and diverse audience.

It can be seen that the vast majority of users who follow Lieutenant Dan ‘s strategy use the Icmarkets brokerage. This may indicate that the strategy is effective and reliable, attracting a large following in various countries around the world. Users’ choice of a specific broker can be influenced by several factors, such as commission rates, ease of use of the platform, reputation in the market, among others.
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ASIC is an independent regulatory agency of the Australian government that oversees the conduct and integrity of financial markets in the country. ASIC regulation ensures that Icmarkets follows strict standards regarding financial transparency, customer data security and protection against abusive commercial practices.
In addition to regulation, Icmarkets also has several cybersecurity seals and certifications, such as the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ), which ensures that the broker has effective security measures in place to protect information of customers. These aspects can be important for those considering using Icmarkets as their broker of choice.
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